Idea for a harem anime

Man wakes up. Gets ready for the day. Then He’s shocked to find a woman in his bed. She wakes up said “You were amazing last night.” He apparently astral traveled and met her at a party. Apparently, he made a blood pact with her. Antics Ensue.

What do you think?


Lol we have enough of those cringy animes tbh :joy::joy:

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They are cringy, aren’t they? I like’em, but I wish we had more anime like Fairy Tail and Naruto.

Less Christianity. I’m getting sick of it. In fact, we need more anime about shinto mythology?


Except this arc of FT was ridiculous, rushed, and power scaling all over the place. Totally shoving FT standing down the drain at a rapid pace. Naruto down to the end of the war wasn’t that much better.

But as far as harem anime, I mean it’s cringe worthy but that’s kinda the point. Make it into a hentai and it’s golden.

I’m waiting for a cool Norse anime lol

Good luck.

Ive been binging Highschool DxD, So, it could work. :wink:

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I watched master of Ragnarok but can’t say I really liked it as a Norse anime😶

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Well I’m hoping the story continues, I like it :slight_smile:

Wait i thought FT ended already?

It came back

they could do anime about African mythology and African spirituality, intead of male lead harem king they could do a female harem queen

Naruto was AMAZING. When I was young, sigh.

You know, I never knew was a harem was until I came to this forum…as well as some other stuff…

They should do an anime about female supremacy.

Really? u don’t read manga or watch anime movies, and tv shows?

I actually don’t watch TV or movies anymore, I still play video games. But I don’t find the TV to be as much fun anymore.

I think they already have some animes like that

idk why but this makes me feel a type of way, kinda cringe…africa has many different mythologies and spirituality there’s no one general african mythology or spirituality and lowkey degrading it into a harem idea to please thirsty boys seems fucked. Especially given in one african faith women were seen as emanations of the female mother Goddess due to them being the ones to bring life into the world. Then again just my opinion given my varying african heritages.

Yeah that cause Africa have too many countries, and tribes, they could take all the different Africa spirituality from Egyptain to the Vodoo spirituality and other African Spirituality and take all the countries in Africa and change them to states. Then its could become a United States of Africa, along with one African mythology and spirituality

They don’t need to be made into harems, it seems dumb, and a waste of potential on animes that became crap because it fed into fan service.