Id Like to Thanks King Paimon and Duchess Bune in Advance

Again Id like to take them in advance i truly do believe theyll grant my request of a job opportunity for me and my friends
And bit of a problem with money

I’ll just start with detailing what i did and if there’s anything you guys can help with to improve what i did please feel free to comment

I started with buying an offer and candles
I read somewhere that with duchess bune
You can offer whatever feels right i offered some mini oranges, beer, and when i put it in the mini altar i made i suddenly got the urge to offer a peanut butter sandwhich
Regarding candles i couldn’t find an orange candle so i got this yellow candle
I made the promise to meditate on her sigil until we get accepted

Right now while I was doing the meditation i got very calm after i said my request this is my 3rd day of meditating on her sigil so i just smiled and said thank you

Now regarding King Paimon
I somehow got the urge on choosing between a green and blue candle i couldnt find any candles no matter where i look and just as i was about to head home i checked the first store i went into and turns out they have a few green candles left so i got them

I offered King Paimon a snack from my country cause i felt the urge to buy them after buying my first offering which was chocolates
Right now i also offered marshmallow covered in grahams

And while i was meditating i got a picture of all 4 of us in the uniform from the job were trying to get into

So if there’s anything i can do to say thank you to king paimon and duchess bune feel free to suggest them


That depends on what you had decided to offer them upon completion. However if nothing was mutually agreed upon, here are a few of the things that King Paimon likes. I have no experience with Duchess Bune so I can’t say.

But the standard rule of thumb is, you offer what YOU feel is right, more than the offering itself the intention, effort, mindspace and emotion of the offering matters.

Offering ideas for King Paimon:

  1. Good quality wine (he enjoyed Chandon) but you can offer what you can.
  2. Tobacco in the form of cigarettes.
  3. Writing him Poetry or reading out poetry you are guided to out loud to him.
  4. Good Quality dark chocolate (the best you are comfortably able to get)
  5. Nuts
  6. Frankincense
  7. He once told me toast (I know!) But that’s pure UPG so you may take a call.
  8. Middle eastern classical music (NOT hip hop, pop or modern stuff)
  9. Your time
  10. Anything related to the arts.

Now this list can be applied to any spirits and mainly Alcohol, Tobacco, Sweets are pretty much standard for any spirit. When in doubt offer these.

A good idea is to ask them what they prefer and if you can’t communicate directly yet, they will let you know through synchronicity or dreams. Make sure you say “If it’s realistically possible and in my means”.

ADD: Also look at the attributes and history of the Spirit. What their qualities are, what they specialise in, an offering along those lines is good. Be creative.

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Thanks for these for some reason poetry and nuts seems right so I’ll try to find some nuts tomorrow
i have always wanted to write haikus maybe ill write one about king paimon ill search more for duchess bune