I'd like to be clear regarding spirits

From what I’ve gotten these last few years, different people will experience a spirit in different ways. For example, a new acquaintance of mine has told me to avoid Lilith because she’s the type who takes advantage of people. However, I have read different experiences from people on this site and others, many of which relate to a more positive image. I’ve read that one deciding factor as to how a spirit appears is that the spirit takes on the form the magician expects them to take. Another idea is that a spirit takes on the form they feel would benefit the magician. I guess this means, Lilith would take on one form to encourage a repressed individual to come out of their shell and another form to convince another to slow down and seek therapy. While I’m looking at a way to work with Lilith, I’m using her as an example.

I want to know if I’m missing anything.


Probably the same reason I could be friends with so and so and have nothing but fun positive experiences but yet for some reason so and so and yourself simply have conflicting personalities. For example I’m close with Zozo and we are best bros but almost everyone who has encountered him has had their life ruined and or been killed in a horrible “accident” by this spirit. So it all comes down to personality and its the same with people as it is with spirits.


I just asked Baal about this today and he told me if I wanted to have a better relationship with him just forget everything I thought I knew about him.