I'd like to ask for some advice about some weird stuff that's been going on lately

So I’ve been working on beginning with my pathworking but I’ve got some weird things going on it and so I will tell you about it in case any of you may have had a similar experience and is able to help me out, for a lot of this is a bit confusing.

I’ve been insanely attracted to a particular demonic King, Beelzebub, since I was a little child. I had been diagnosed with schizophrenia because I used to see particularly weird and messed up stuff since then.

Laboring into that, what always have been my center of attraction, what people always caracterize me and bind me with is fire, also, back when I was a kid I used to have this weird dream about me burning within my building, but the fire instead of hurting me was sort of covering me.

Lately, I’ve became a bit obsessed about beginning pathworking because I’ve been kind of drowned into all this in a very intense way. And so I began looking for information and Azazel comes forth and gets me to call him, so I somehow bonded with him and started talking and asked him to teach me about how can I become a god.

I reached a point in which all I used to care about and feel attached to, or even all that used to make scared to lose just vanished away, and also I got some sort of revelation of why everything led me to a living hell. I got out of it as soon as I learned this and Azazel told me, and I quote “now you stopped being a pussy”.

After this I noticed I changed a lot. I been working on a whole lot of stuff lately, but I believe I shouldn’t detail a lot more about it because this is getting too long.

I’ve been seen Lucifuge Rofocale everywhere and is insane. I also keep seeing an eye everywhere. I attempted to invoke Lucifuge and had a vision where I first saw a really bright star, then saw three versions of me in a mirror, front fire eyes, right air (sort of like a hurricane) and at the left side earth. Around me was a water circle like a flowing current as a river, but drawing circles around me and in my Plex solar chackra there was a black circle that fed that fire in my eyes.

After this, I felt a lot of this powers going through my veins until they went back to my head and got me into a vision of someone that I will assume was myself with a black bones crown and horns (wouldn’t really know how to describe them, but sort of reminded me of Hellboy), above me there was a black fired sun and below there were some things that were sort of black energy marching clouds (It’s how I can describe it, I’ve pretty much conceived spirits this way since I was a child).

Finally, this ended up, I’ve been able to decode fragments of this thing and it has been working great on my magic in a daily basis.

I’d really like to know if anyone has some advice for me on all this or if anyone can tell me if I’ve just got nuts and there’s something I’ve been doing wrong. I can’t thank you enough for reading this.

Best regards, sincerely.

Javier Perez.


The fire visions might signify transformation, purification, enlightenment, but also anger. If your building was on fire in your dream and flames surrounding you, might indicate problems that are overwhelming you and you are unable to solve.

The all-seeing eye is a symbol, shows your seeking answers to your fate or future which remains a mystery within darkness with several directions, you must decide on a path or a direction and find your own answers.

This vision is a sign for power, strength and flexibility and classic Lucifer with the black bones and crown, the constant symbols of fire, the torch of knowledge indicating a spirit of knowledge. The spirit wants you to consider the risks that you take in life, and before you make a decision, think carefully before you act and consider the future outcomes both positive and negative.

Demons use symbolism with its appearance to convey its task, with various themes, to convey a message that you have requested an answer to.

“At first saw a really bright star (Lucifer), then saw three versions of me in a mirror, front fire eyes, right air (sort of like a hurricane) and at the left side earth.”

Interesting that you have one of each representation of air, earth and fire to compliment your mirror image, the pagan Trinity.

I feel that you are getting urged to take those qualities and bring yourself into balance and continued path to knowledge.


Wow, this is amazing! Thanks a lot for clearing that out of my head!! :smiley: I kind of intuited it as a sort of way to materialize changes with my magick (air being acknowledge, fire as a power within and earth being the manifestation of my will on the material world).

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So that means that Lucifer is calling me up? I did some invocation rituals a while ago that involved merging myself with spirits, Lucifer was one of them and ever since I’ve been having some sort of urge of performing an evocation tomorrow.

Some spirits have been appearing quite consistently lately, maybe I should call Lucifer and see what’s up, right?

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Yes, he is responding, when you perform your ritual ask for a specific sign and than you will know for sure.

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I’ll do just that!! I really can’t thank you enough for this great answer! I will perform a series of rituals tomorrow that I’ve been planning for Halloween, I’ve got a clearer vision of what I will be doing and where to focus all of my energies and get the best out of it.

Once again, I appreciate your help!! :smiley:

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What a great idea, good luck.

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