I'd like to ask about crafting something like a talisman

This may seem silly, but could a symbol like a cartoon character be used as the basis for a talisman or similar? While such a figure like, say, Hello Kitty, might seem harmless and whimsical, but as a camophlage for something far more protective?

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Yes, they can.

When using a character for a talisman, though, it is usually best if the intention matches the character. Using a figure of the comic character Wolverine, for example, would probably work better for a protective talisman, than something like Hello Kitty, simply because to the mind, where it matters, Wolverine would generally be considered more ferocious and better able to protect.

That’s not to say, however, that you couldn’t use a non threatening character as a protective talisman. Teddy bears are a well known example of protective talismans for children. It just takes stronger belief to establish a new intention for what the character represents, especially if it is a well known character.

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Yes, teddy bears being worse than they actually are, such as young Spock’s pet, a teddy bear with 6 inch fangs. However, the reason I brought HK up is because my wife enjoys HK, and I kinda like it m’self, if only for the sheer whimsicality of it. And, as has been my wont these past 20+ years living here, why not a protective talisman(or similar) crafted in her image(aren’t cats referred to as her?) that is gentle and amusing outwardly, but could, say, repel pests(especially if the figure is carved of Osage orange wood, of which I have a good supply of, painted, with a couple schorls for the eyes.
As to stronger belief, I believe that as the intent grows(this now is a work in progress, all checks completed, notify tower, clearance to launch given(sorry, I’m a crazy modeller and aircrew, and sometimes my magick reflects that a bit. It works for me), and now I can picture her, a few cm high, that sort of thing.
O, my wife is Catholic(lapsed), and I’m Pagan. I guess that means we have a mixed marriage.
Thank you for the guidance. Many blessings 'pon you and yours

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You can definitely use fictional images, be sure to link them to a known and stable god or other major spirit, eg Bast for Hello Kitty, or Kuan Yin.