Iblis is Azazel?

Some claim iblis is Azazel.This is correct?I please someone who worked with Azazel to answer.


I’ve had some experiences where I would say they may indeed connect on some levels


Azazel is Azazil
Asteroth is ‘Ashtaroot
A lot of the demons in the lhp would come as a djinn for those working within that system. Does that mean all jinn are demons…no.
Just as there were daemons before the ancient gods were demonised, there were/are jinn separate from those systems.

There connections between a lot of entities like for example Azizos was the twin of Arsu(king paimon) in Palamayra (spelling?) Azizos was the morning star. Now king paimon is connected to both Azazel and Lucifer, which one of those is Azizos? Both? Neither? Both and none at the same time? Does it matter for my current working with both? Probably not.

Same as how Satan is connected with Lucifer and Ahriman has aspects of both and is an amalgamation of Jewish lore mixed with Persian traditions, mixed with Christian views on Lucifer mixed with whatever the fuck else people’s mass thoughts and emotions threw at that entity.

Sometimes it’s best not to get wrapped up in these confusions and take everything with an open mind while not distracting from the focus.

Not distracting from your question but it’s like asking if Azazel and Lucifer are the same and considering all the different thoughts among LHP practitioners including joy of Satan guys, you’ll end up with a shit show including people who can’t accept that people’s differences are valid even though they worked with the same beings.

Yes,No,Maybe,Depends,if you really want


Most of these spirits are very very old and when country or group invaded and took over another they adapted and merged gods/spirits/ other beings.
It is very likely for Azazel to be Iblis…
Though I’m not sure about Lucifer…from my own personalife experienced and things that happeneed to me. Which I do not care to share here as the pain and hurt of some things I’ve suffered concerning Azazel and Lucifer , the pain is still too real.

When one God pulls one way almost by force and another God pulls your heart what do you do?
I will NOT be pawed at thank you very much!!

It’s when I say and how I say. I am the fucking princess :crown:!!

But back to point. I think Azazel and Lucifer are two very different beings. And if I ever am able to tell my whole story you would know why I feel that way.


No offence intended, just sharing a though.


Oh no I wasn’t offended…I was just in my feelings I guess …your good :heart:

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Per , “The Devils Quran”

It holds there is a community of fallen angels and djinn called the Shaytan headed by Azazel as a demon and Iblis as the highest ranking djinn.


I feel they may be made up of similar “stuff” and their intentions are the same (They genuinely want human kind to ascend). Perfect example so im climbing a mountain Lucifer will lead you up the front side of the mountain. The climb is easy but there are diverging paths with little cryptic symbols you have to figure out which directions to take. However at the top there is all this gold and riches.

Azazel will appear when your halfway up the mountain and kick you off it. While you are despairing you feel you wasted time climbing up you find a path up the backside of the mountain. That is more treacherous than the front side but its littered with all kinds of gold and jewels. You never would have found those if you went up the front side.

But hey in the end its the same mountain


From a Islamic perspective, there is one story where there was the first Jinn called Maarij male and Marjaah female who gave birth to 70 thousand Jinns out of which one was Azazel referred in Hebrew who in Islam is known as Iblees!


There’s another folk tale where Azazel is the son of Iblees.
again, you can go around in circles with this shit.
Leave the JCI folklore out of your practice, you’ll have less headaches for no reason. It just ends up clouding things more than it clears up.

Some of it is fun like the daughters of iblees who the magicians must fuck to be initiated and given access to their powers, but for the most part it’s just wired and unnecessary.

Take Lilitu from Sumerian and Akkadian lore and all the bulshit added by teh joos to Lilith.
You can have a healthy relationship with the dark feminine and respect bad bitches and dark goddesses… or add in wired unhealthy misogyny to the mix. Eg the difference between mgtow or normal guys.
Jews being the mgtows here.

That above paragraph may be confusing because we are discussing origins and I’m saying yes find it and the same time saying don’t stress about the JCI stuff, because it differs depending on what stage of development and psychology view point you’re at now.
If you used to be hardcore Abrahamic then working with the opposite of that system would be great for development and ascent for a time, then move the fuck on with your practice.
If you feel like that doesn’t apply to you then there’s no need.
I personally don’t feel the need or desire to work with Satan but I’m fascinated with kings like Vine, Person and Asmoday. Some other Djinn I find interesting because there’s no counterpart to them in western grimoires and I feel that would add a new aspect to my work.

Remember spirits will confirm your expectations to a degree. Asteroth told magicians about the war in heaven and how the demons fell after fighting a rebellion against Jehova because saying nah we’re ancient gods that predate your crap and we’re worshiped in our own right would bring the reaction of “That’s exactly what the fallen ones would say”. So they’ll put it in words the operator would just get.

People aren’t that different. If we look at dating and relationships for example you could be out and meet a cool girl and hook up with her the same night. Or that same girl would meet another guy who’s got hang ups about sexuality but she still likes him and wants to be with him so she’ll play that “I’m not that type of girl” part because that’s the expectation that guy put on her.

Now if I’m calling on spirits who love doing the tasks I want done and I just know it, they’ll do it not even ask for anything in return and I’ll be happy and so will they for getting to exercise their power.

If another guy calls them up with wired shit in his head, he’ll get wired shit as a response.

Yes,No,Maybe,Depends,if you really want


This is what Micheal W Ford says in the preface to his Luciferian version of the goetia:

“In the modern world of magicians, Sathan is our initiator and stimulator of the psyche.One should remember, in Pre-Islamic lore Satan/Azazel is considered the Imagination –Sufism recognizes Satan as the imagination itself. Sathan is thus our announcer of the path, the very fountain of our attainment. In the view of a God form and model, Lucifer(Sathan) is an ideal form to align with in an initiatory sense. Azazel rebelled against thenatural order (God – Ain Soph) as he sought independence, fell to the realms of earth and awoke in Hell (earth – the chthonic realm). Rather than fearing and cowering, hiding,Lucifer understood he was an independent Mind and existed independently from the natural order and roused all other fallen angels to stand strong. In this context, Lucifer was creating Order from Chaos. This is a seeming model of the initiate, that we Work towards recognizing our own sense of being, and to expand the circle of control.”


I understand Azazel as a being of light and Iblis as a kindred being of fire.

Two separate things and Iblis being more mortal.

Everyone has their own interpretation of the connection between Azazel and Ibliss.

From what i can tell and from my personal experiences, it seems like Azazel and Ibliss are the same.

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Melek Taus aka Ilbis aka Shaitan does identify with Azazel but no not the same Azazel works along side him as his right hand man

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Iblis and Shaitan are not personal names - they can be used as such if the personal name of the spirits is unknown. Iblis is a title that means the ones who mix truth and lies to deceive another, or simply, a deceiver.

Shaitan is a name that describes spiritual nature of a race. Shait means fiery, from fire or like fire.

According to eastern-Islamic traditions, those names/titles can be used for the first Iblis-Shaitan, aka Satan himself. Or they can also be used for specific type of spirits from the whole race of Jinn/spirits, the ones known in eastern traditions as Demons.

Azazel on the other hand, is a personal name for a specific being. One of the leaders of the fallen angels, the rebellious watchers. It’s also sometimes - incorrectly - used for Satan in some parts of the ME.



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Thank you for your input. I think you are right. But i will look into it myself a little more and see.

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iblis and Azazel are not the same

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