Iadon demon

Hello people, today I am asking about your own experiences or those of people close to you with this demon. The little information I found about it is that it helps with money quickly in large sums but is it very dangerous? It’s true? I know that there are other deities or entities but I am interested in knowing more about him, please.

Do you mean Iadon, from Kingdoms of Flame? (It’s an i not an L)

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If that demon I say, sorry for the mistake :sweat_smile:

Iadon is a demon of greed and he always takes away more than he gives.

Edit to add: I’ve only tried to work with him once and it was unsuccessful.

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Oh i saw this and was gonna post about the greek serpent Ladon that protects the golden apple tree of the gods. Lol. Yeah so go with @DarkestKnight suggestions.