I would say the RHP is more powerful then LHP or is it the combination of the both

I feel like I am a God not to be disrespectful of the Gods. I would say I am a Mage argent as can be full of power yet so glories with power comes responsibility I have recently spoke to Jehovah he said to me he will trust me with lots of power. He spoke throw me telling me all these good thing. It is good to have one of the most powerful GODS on my side I personally what to speak to the most powerful mage on this form

About what?


The soul is the key to open the gate I would say more power,more power vision of life is self. I know things about every one it is like the web of WYRD.

While a lot of perfectly normal magick may seem crazy to ordinary people, the claims of superior ability or knowledge without any work from you to back them up are a bit of a red flag.


I saw what you did there. :sunglasses:


It goes perfectly with outcast part of me is not about how when or what ever. I am doing nothing. yet all at arms in the air for **** sake man I only get the the half of I am not reading this trow sorry about the peelings mas tack to it he sal ash to vggron.

Well, WILL is everything. An intelligent RHP spiritualist can WILL all curses away. So yes, very powerful.

Unfortunately, the RHP is limited because followers are not allowed to do certain things.

They are both just as powerful, because in the end, the most powerful magician is the one that has the strongest will.

I understand that you may disagree, and I will not argue with you because this part of the forum is for white magick. Your opinions are just as important as mine, and you make this place better for being here.


Mr Flood seems to have entered realms mere mortals cannot comprehend, so I’ve temporarily relieved him of the responsibility of posting here for a few days so he can ascend in peace, and I’m going to lock this to prevent it turning into a dead horse – OP if you want it unlocked upon your return, to perhaps add some context or clarification, PM me.


To paraphrase Manly P Hall, some adept alone can believe themselves an all powerful magus sitting while in solitary, , no one else who knows them can see it or conceptualize his abilities or perceived gift’s, the adept has deluded himself , trapped himself into a mental prison of his own making.

I’ve had voices saying "sweet child you are an angel, when pressed for more information, the voice became distant and drifted off out of ear shot, another telling me I was a Nephilim, they disappear quick enough when pressed for real wisdom other than bs affirmations and wishful thinking, practically ego stroking malevolent government agencies using frequency weapons, always question any spirit who comes to speak to you, especially when you didn’t call them, sorry but its very foolish to just accept any entity at their word without further inquiry or even a bit of prophecy , something small.


I shared my “kitty box” idea for this kind of thing, even outside black magick it happens to a lot of healers, psychics, basically anyone who contacts spirits will get something like that at some stage, and you need to be aware (basically, that you’re not unique in being told these things) and also, know how to handle it.

This is my usual method:

I’m working with/in a situation right now that would be majorly inappropriate to talk about, and alienating to others if shared because it basically defies belief on every level of normal experience, so that’s in a kitty box and I operate “as though” it were true when working with it, and then discard even the concept of that duality (true/false) when not needing to interact with it.

This is an important distinction btw, a kitty box isn’t about being discreet, that other big ole’ moggy the Sphinx has that one covered - the kitty box is to stop you wrecking your own little boat of basic functioning and poise on the rocks, over whether or not the things you are told, or experience, were “real.”

Results will speak for themselves in most cases, so the “is magick real?” thing is also already covered, but for information of this nature - King of Mars being my example above, or being an angel, Nephilim, being stalked by Santa Claus, whatever - those you need to be able to live with, and not lose your shit, if they keep on coming up. :wink:


That’s literally what I’ve been doing, you reading my mind, I’ve been talking about nearly word for word. Online or thinking it, I can handle paradox’s, no big deal, I quest on, they aren’t stumbling blocks just funny shaped pieces of the puzzle Il park off and might come in handy later, oh we are so in synch on here lately I freken love it, you’re a star.


I doubt he or antifa hacked your fingers…

If Connor_Flood1 has anything that makes sense to share, he will no doubt impress us, if not he’ll go the way of the handful before him who joined to either larp or waste folk’s time posting nonsense.


When you’re reminded of that one guy that insulted your dead Grandpa’s godform… I forgot he existed.

Okay guys, can we please get this back on topic to magick, and the OP if he wishes can expand upon his recent experience, but speculation about motives isn’t going in a useful direction! :wink:

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Kitty Box is just an excuse for people not to complete their soul work. There isn’t any real help for people outside free Mason nor secret societies it still seems. We have all this information but it’s all incomplete and mostly useless.

Maybe someone should write about their past lives, alternative timeline lives and alien lives…The great work is about bringing all of these missing parts together for a truly Aeon.

With respect, the concept of a “soul work” that can actually be completed is itself Right-Hand Path stuff, in that it implies a correct and only way to do things, and some definitive final truth, and rest, at the end of that work.

It’s the concept of a day of honest hard work ending in eternal slumber - fine for one level of reality, but not the whole picture.

I’ve been there, done that - there is No Thing, the observer within is the Creator (seemingly) without - the self is a fractured and limited aspect of the Self. That which is without, is like that which is within, in other words.

I’m just here for shits n’ giggs now, because there is no Great Work that “needs” to be done (needed by whom? For what?) and methods like this help me have more of that fun, by walking concurrently in realities and situations that are of a surrealist and non-linear nature. :wink:


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