I would like a reading

I need to sort out what entities I have around me and what I can do to sort them out. I have had a lot of doubt in myself recently and I need to figure out if it’s my self or something else. And I’m sorry to bother but I really need this help. I don’t want to play poor picked on me just need some help, Thank you.

You fear to change and you’re resisting transformations. You need to move in a new direction, but you’re unable to do so. You feel stagnation. The demons whose Tarot cards is 5 of wands will help you move beyond your concerns and worries to understand what’s important. He will help you to unify all the forces and overcome obstacles. You hope to find great satisfaction in the entity represented by 10 of pentacles and great love with the help of the entity represented by 2 of cups. However you should gain knowledge and center yourself with the demon represented by the tarot Hermit and you should work with another entity represented by the 4 of pentacles to protect your material resourses. With the help of the Hierophant you’ll gain approval even if it means to become rigid.

Pls find yourself who those entities are. Good luck!

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Thank you! This Really helps.

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