I woke up this morning to a message in the form of a short note. It is a strange variation on my handwriting but is necessarily NOT my handwriting

I will attach a photo of the note, which is written on a sticker backed paper that I haven’t seen in years (a small peice). I will transcribe it here and also post a picture of the actual note: (I do not have any recollection of writing this and have no Idea where I could have got that paper) anyway heres the short message (in a bastardized form of my handwriting) I was not drunk or on drugs… here it is
becomealivinggod.com (you owe me)
All be in preparation for the return of HIS MAJESTY. Your savior will not be Jesus of Nazareth. He shall be the bringer of light”

Photo link below

I guess my question is should I be worried?


I’m not worried.

Come Lucifer! Come! Make haste, Lord Lucifer!

Bring your Infernal Empire to Earth, now!


My first thought was lucifer but idk that may just be me.


That’s so cool. No. It’s a message of love and peace


Ok so my girlfriend has been very freaked out by all of this so I told her I would lock away the messages. I sealed the edges and corners in beeswax then I pressed both exposed sides with a stamp pad with green ink. This is the image(s) this produced. I then after showing reverence, tore out a title page on attraction from a copy of the Kama sutra, layed that over the notes and encased them in between two very heavy, flat stones (about 65 pounds each) This is the image(s) the ink produced. The longer I look the more I see and some images are in distinct but they’re are definitely faces there

Please tell me your thoughts. This has been extremely powerful for me.

My handwriting is different in altered states too, you were probably just possessed and didnt remember or were sleepwalking that’s my guess. As for the message, it seems dope Jesus is the flipped face of Jesus they are the same being just played out differently in my mind. YIN VS YANG