I will never leave you

Yesterday morning Lucifer had enough of my moodiness and called me out on it. Here’s what he had to say:

Lucifer: why are troubled?
Me: I’m not
Lucifer: you lie
Me: silent (ouch) If you think so, you should know then right?
Lucifer: I want to hear you say it.
Me: (tells him)
Lucifer: My Queen, it matters not who does or does not desire you. It matters only who you belong to. Do you remember your promise?
Me: that was a long time ago, no I don’t
Lucifer: do you remember when I found You?
Me: no
Lucifer: it was after the fight, I found you weeping and took you to my temple. Do you remember?
Me: no I don’t
Lucifer: I will help you remember
Me: will we always be this way
Lucifer: in this life and the next. Your home awaits your return. Do I not lift you to the sky and make love to you amongst the clouds? Have I let you suffer and not taken you home in your dreams? I’ve been with you even when you denied me. I will never leave you.
Me: I love you my King. Can I come home now?
Lucifer: this life is only a perception- you are always home. I am always with you, and soon you will join me in my temple.