I watched my Himalayan salt lamp rotate

I recently started learning magick so I am very under experienced. Last night I attempted to evoke an entity as I had once before. I didn’t find any success so I thanked the spirits and closed.
I woke up this morning at 5:00AM and turned my alarm clock off only to turn around and see my salt lamp make a 1/4 rotation on the end table by my bed…


Nice! You don’t often hear of actual telekinesis from entities like that. The only other time I’ve heard of was when a guy pissed off Jupiter and he showed up when he was trying to sleep and casually knocked over his stacked coins one by one.

I might be a good idea to ask if it was the spirit that did that though. Sometimes weird shit just happens and it’s not necessarily related to anything you were actively doing.

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I will keep that in mind. No idea if it was related whatsoever. It was very obvious something wanted me to see it happen though. I saw it and literally said to myself, (while half asleep) “I dont really have time for weird stuff.” Then went back to sleep for a half hr.