I was recently a guest on a Left Hand Path Podcast

Hey there everyone. I was recently a guest on the DAIMONOSOPHY PODCAST and thought a lot of you might get a lot of value and enjoyment out if the conversation I had with Paul Fredric about Black Magick, Left Hand Path, Censorship and the Occult. The episode is now Live.

Hoping sharing this is allowed.

You can find it live on YouTube here

You can also find it on Spotify here

“Patrick is an excellent tattoo artist in the Black Work style who comes from a Left-Hand Path perspective. We started talking when I wanted to get some work done and then I discovered he lives in Long Island. We talk about Tattoos, Black Magic, Rites of Passage, mystical experiences, whiskey in ritual, runes, vocalic vibrations, sleep paralysis, hardcore music, freedom of speech, and many other things.
He also does an highly lucid Podcast and blog”


Congrats! I’ll bookmark to watch later :slight_smile:


Thanks for sharing I enjoyed it.


Appreciate you checking it out. Glad to hear you enjoyed it

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