I was possessed by a skinwalker chief

So one night in meditation I saw me and my apprentice in my temple, with a bowl of crushed bay leaves, basil, sage, nutmeg and cannabis, tobacco and mixed in with incense.

So I thought I’d try it, it looked like what shamans used years ago when they’d set fire to herbs and inhale it.

So we made the batch, then entered the ritual, me and my apprentice lit the concoction and inhaled it then we hit a strange state of trance.

In my astral vision I saw in front of me, a old ancient shaman Native American male holding a spear with a skull in the centre of it, he had a black long mask on.

He was moving his body almost in the same fashion of a spider, I could feel him wanting to enter my body, as some of you know, there is more than one type of conversation more deeper than words.

So for unknown reasons I gave this rites of possession and I was in the circle I gave my apprentice a Latin exorcism to take the being out of me after we had information on this being.

We recorded the possession.

My body rose up, from sitting position to standing position, I began drawing random images or words across the floor and walls while speaking a ancient tongue.

My body turned towards, the black scrying mirror up on my temple wall, it was as if it saw its reflection in the mirror he became angry at it he threw it across the temple room.

My apprentice was sitting still, while the spirit within me forced me towards his head, he apparently licked his thumb and drew symbols on my apprentices head then my own body, but not just that he did it to my fiancé who wasn’t participating in this but was still present.

He began to laugh quite violently, my apprentice asked …

" why did you mark us, and what do those marks mean ".

He pointed to my fiancé while hissing and giving a wicked smile, he said

" sheeeee issss coyote, hehehe "

Then he pointed to my body and said

" heeeee issss Alpha wooolllfff "

Then pointed to my apprentice

" yooouuuu issss woooollllfff "

Then he began saying he is a Cheif a skinwalker, my apprentice asked what tribe are you from.

He began laughing violently again, he then said …

" I am a tribe, I am chief, I am ".

He drew his symbol with chalk on the stone ground of the temple, he said

" I am Icar’sah’tah I will take you three away, you will die and leave and join us in our family as walkers ".

He then relayed stories of old about he wants us to walk the path of the skinwalkers, he then acted violent again hitting the walls continuously, my apprentice then exorcised him from my body.

My friend was also smoking a joint full of weed, the entity when inside me was looking at it constantly, then my apprentice gave it to him as a offering the entity then began to smoke it while inside me.

Normally I have a huge extreme tolerance i’ve built up over the years but When I regained awareness and consciousness, i felt really stoned only from one joint while possessed, it was as if the spirit actually increased the potency of the drug.

Just before I was exercised after the being smoked the joint, he ate it, which isn’t nice for me :joy:.

Let me know what you guys think of all this.


Yes. Coyote and Wolf. Essentially “woman” will be the death of you in some way. Coyote is the symbolic Trickster, while you represent the Men that surround “her.” Now of course, we all die anyway, but rather it is how we Shamanickally Stalk ourselves as a form of Death that decides more how we die.


What is his symbol

“I am a tribe” the way some of these entities think is interesting. Nonetheless very cool never read any skin walker stories on BLAG.

Kendall I think you should look for an author called Lucifer Faustus, he has some books about Shamanic Magick and Mapanaith spirits. Maybe you could get some insights about this spirit that possessed you or if they have some similarities with this spirit.