I Was Possessed By A Reptilian - Thanks Murmur

This was the bad kind of possession. I really want to put the emphasis on Murmur, because he is really the demon I HIGHLY recommend people go to for situations like these.

So as some of you know, I have been working to remove every energetic and personal blockage inside me. This has involved fixing up my chakras, and as I become more clear I am very able to sense other blockages/impressions that don’t have to do with me :unamused:

One block was escaping an RHP karma system. Instead of “ascending” above them, it felt like I went up through a “crack”. I don’t know if this matrix thing is something that oppresses most people and keeps them unaware or just souls that have been entangled with them over lifetimes. When I was out I could feel them unable to believe I got out of it. They wanted me oppressed. But back to the main point of this post.

This experience of mine was kinda traumatising, I’m not going to lie :unamused:

This reptilian has been inside me either since I was born, or for most of my life. It was a sludge entity keeping me suppressed and oppressed. When I was Christian I knew it was in me, and it pretended to be a demon, or a “true” demon :roll_eyes: or a Christian paradigm demon. What it is, is a reptilian, maybe an alien. Without my more knowledgeable occult friend I would’ve never known what it was or known to call on Sabnock and then Murmur.

Anyway, throughout my life this reptilian had spoken through me with my voice and I’d seen its red eyes at times through photos and paintings. A prominent dream I had once maybe a year or more ago. In this dream I walked to a mirror and opened my mouth, a black sludge creature crawled up my throat and I could see it. It was supposed to freak me out, but I worked to be calm and centrered and not only did it fall back down but a blob of it fell out of me. This being also “attacked” me in a sense when I became Christian at age fourteen, though I was very protected from it at the time. I remember it came at me holding fear, doubt and fear again and I just refused to take it each time. I’ve had other experiences throughout my life as well.

So… yesterday was mildly traumatic

The reptilian’s presence felt extremely vivid and real to me. More so than my surroundings and definitely more so than the other demons. I now know that part of my problem was that I wasn’t grounded in the real world and in clarity, part of what was oppressing my throat and throat chakra so much. But what was quite scary was that not only were all the demons I usually called on seemingly unable to help but I couldn’t even feel them very well. I tried banishings, I tried ordering it to leave but for an hour or so it wasn’t…

So at first it was messing with my mind and making me feel crazy. (Another sign that you need to ground when this happens. I’m an Air sign and very involved with the spiritual, but while Air is mobility and detachment, Earth is strength and stability. We all need grounding to be strong and stable). This reptilian was making my body jerk and controlling my facial expressions. It could hear my thoughts and was reacting to them with anger.

My incubus couldn’t even see it until I had this sneer plastered on my face and I had to say to him “look, I’m not the one making this face now.” And then I started saying “ow ow ow owwww” even though I wasn’t in pain. My incubus could finally see this thing and where it was and started hurting it for me. But while this suppressed it, and I tried a few other demons to help me, Murmur is the one I am very thankful for.

The reptilian feels like it is either gone or almost completely gone. This took a thorough work, like overnight while I sleep and even now I can feel Murmur’s energy working through me.

After going through what I have, I have a lot of sympathy for the spiritually oppressed. I had done magic prior to make me less effected by fear and other stuff, so that may have muted my experience. But for people who don’t know what to do… I just don’t know, it’d be horrible for them. I want everyone to know that Murmur is the one to go to for situations like these. Go to Murmur and ground yourself.

This was definitely an event for me. A necessary thing I had to do. And it will lead to betterment and better things…


You are doing hard mistake if you are accepting that there is reptilian entity inside of you, no real reptilian entity hangs inside of bodies of mortal/human beings.

do not accept anything you are being targeted by voice to skull technology, and are in danger of offending actual reptilians.

reptilians have this eyevision, which “sees” everything, they see your inner thoughts, feelings, and if you are looking down or mocking they this way thinking that they would gain something by being evil and residing inside of your being, it leaves offence mark which blocks your further learning, since you lose acceptance, reconize and name this being that claims to be reptilian inside of you as voice of skull techonology or as trickster being.

friendly warning


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You’re sure it’s a reptilian andnot a parasite?


@Prophet Reptilian feels like the correct word for me. My Christian church when I was fourteen was Pentecostal, and they talked about exoricisms and even they mentioned that ‘reptilian’ was a type of demon. Little did they know that actual demons are often not these hate-destruction-fueled thoughtforms/things.

I do believe it is a sludge creature because that’s what I see in dreams and feel.

Maybe it’s also a parasite.

My occult friend said Murmur would kill it and that it would lie dead inside me and that I could then reprogram it? So maybe all it is is some kind of not-alive thoughtform, which would explain why my incubus and the other demons didn’t seem to notice it was hurting me until I was finally able to get them to know.

But this thing could hear my thoughts and my body was reacting without my control. I’d done a ritual to other demons asking them to remove fear from me, so I may not have been as scared as I would otherwise have been. And when I thought “do you see any fear here?” This furious scowl came over my face and wouldn’t leave for like a minute.

Kinda frightening stuff :confused: Not completely sure how this happened or what it is. But Murmur and my incubus are life savers.