I was asked what was the difference between witchcraft and occultism

I tend to think that occultism relates to ceremonial magick and deals with the gods, while witchcraft relates to folk magic and deals with nature. However, I’m not sure if this interpretation is correct.

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“Occult” simply means “knowledge of the hidden,” and applies to any and all hidden or uncommon knowledge, so technically speaking, it is not just magick. Occultism, therefore, covers everything from magick, to the paranormal or supernatural, to conspiracy theories, to ancient aliens, to astrology, to symbology, to secret societies, to cryptozoology, to psychic powers, to high level mathematics, to “vibratory science,” to the lost continent of Atlantis, and everything in between.

Witchcraft is simply a magical tradition of elemental and folk magick that may, or may not, involve deity worship.


Yeah I identify as an occultist before a magician or a witch for the exact reasons stated.


Johnny, I’m going to be honest. I’ve tried helping you several times. I’ve watched as you asked question after question. But you don’t seem to use any of it for actual practice. I don’t think I’ve seen you talk about a genuine experience or have questions come from.it in a long, long time.

My question to you is why you continue to ask, if you’re not going to use it?


At this point the two terms are basically synonymous…to me


Not nessecarily.

There are those who identify with being a Christian witch. A link below explains.


Wicca is a complex religion that is often associated with witchcraft, occultism and neo-paganism. The way these words overlap can get confusing, so let’s dive into the dictionary.

Wicca: From the Anglo-Saxon word wicce . It means to bend or shape nature to your service.

Witchcraft: The practice of magic or sorcery by anyone outside the religious mainstream of a society. This term is used in different ways in different times and places.

Occultism: Belief in practices such as astrology, alchemy, divination and magic that are based on “hidden knowledge” about the universe and its mysterious forces. Occultists try to tap into this unseen knowledge to bring about whatever effects they desire.

Neo-Paganism: The recent revival of ancient polytheistic European and Middle-Eastern religions. Neo-paganism is a loosely defined system of worshiping nature and the gods of nature.

These terms may seem as clear as mud. Since different people use them to mean different things, it can be hard to keep them straight. What’s important to notice are the common themes of worshiping nature and using spiritual forces to get results. Most anyone who calls himself or herself a Wiccan, goddess worshiper or witch practices these things. Another important thing to remember is that Wicca is not the same as Satanism. In fact, most witches don’t believe in Satan at all.

In addition, Wiccans live by one central rule called The Rede, which says, “Harm no one, do what you will.” In other words, witches are free to do whatever seems right to them as long as they avoid harming others. A closely related rule is the Threefold Law, which instructs that “anything you do will come back to you three times over.”

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It’s why I no longer identify as a Black Witch, White Witch, or a Grey/Silver Witch. I’m just me.

I don’t nessecarily believe in a God.

However, I am starting to believe in the three- fold law. Which, could be considered karma depending on how you look at it.


Exactly what I was thinking. Witchcraft is a form of occultism. So is Christianity, especially Catholicism. Christianity and Judaism are very occult based religions and highly ritualistic. They censer with incense, sprinkle holy water, anoint with oil, and so on. That is ritual. Prayers are petitions, church services are ritual evocations ( of YHWH ), and so on


That law is very interesting because most see it as a moral framework, but when you actually look at it, it is testament to the commitment of your desire. If you wish to perform a baneful act on someone you can, but your desire to do so will be weighed against your pain threshold and will, for it will come back on you three-times stronger.

I don’t think it’s about karma at all, simply because the practitioner who believes in the Law of Three-fold Return knows beforehand what will happen and is in nigh on complete control over the outcome provided they can straddle their desire. The deciding outcome is not left to an outside and arbitrary variable, but to the individual.

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First of all, thank you for explaining this! It’s interesting.

Mmmm! I’ll agree to disagree with you! If you make a pact with someone and their choices affect your choice, then wouldn’t there be outside involvement?

I don’t think it works if it is used as a system of Karma, because the scale of it is a bit too absurd to work in most cases. People are quick to point it out when someone suffers after causing suffering, but most perform ‘good’ and bring joy while they do not gain much more from it. It’s important to note that a lot of practicing Wiccans have either dropped the idea of the Threefold Law or interpret it Symbolically now, partially for that reason.

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Case in point taken!

To be perfectly honest, I am one who doesn’t practice baneful, voodoo, or harmful magic.

I guess my interest right now is the energy we put out, we usually get back in others. If one follows Hindi practices, isn’t karma involved?

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That is absolutely fine of course, never do anything that is not fully your will.

Of course, if you use karma in your system, then I find you are not exempt of it. However, you should look into the concept of Ahimsa in Hinduism, as criminals are exempt from it. Order must be maintained in society, so Hinduism is not a religion of pure peace. This is why they also have the concept of a “Just War”. Self defense is fine and curses in themselves are not looked bad upon in Hinduism.

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Not necessarily. When you make a pact with someone you enter into a very personal relationship, it’s internalised in both parties; a “oneness”, if you like. This is why I only enter into pacts with people who’s nature I know. That added knowledge of the individual you are entering into a pact with, and the same goes for the other, makes it the choice of the individual because it takes two to tango. Without that knowledge you would be correct, as it would be left entirely to the mechanics of unforeseen variables or “fate.”

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Thank You, I will.

Okay, that makes sense and connects with what I am dealing with right now. Thank You.

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I honestly don’t believe in the three fold law. I think it’s some RHP/Wiccan bullshit that exists only in the New Age sections of book stores. I have manipulated, influenced, hexed, and so on and have never had a backlash. Perhaps if you seriously and sincerely believe that it will do that and that you deserve for it to come back three fold. I liken it to “hell”, I personally think it’s a metaphor and way to scare people into being subservient. If you die and “go to hell”, then I believe it would be a hell of your own making and you could get out of it when you realize that you do not belong there, since I think it’s something that would be created by your mind because you think you belong there for some reason. This is, of course, my own speculation but it’s based on stuff that really happened : I have died 3 times in my heroin days. I’m talking splat,o n the floor, no pulse, no breathing, blue and dead. There was no light, no voices, nothing, it’s just like flipping a switch