I want to visit/talk with Godess Lilith

Can anyone help me with that?
I would pay her my highest Respect.


Please use the search function for things like this. You would also want to show some initiative with these entities before calling them up and that is a way to start doing that.

There are tutorials for different ability levels in that area Unofficial Forum Tutorials Directory ~ Beginners, Check This Out! :+1: - General Discussion - Become A Living God

But it seems i dont find the right onr

You need to develop your senses, find a communication method, and read through the tutorials to find what you’re looking to do.

Are you looking to invoke? Evoke? If you don’t know what these mean, you will want to spend time reading about them, different ways of doing them, and how they are useful to you.

How will you know whether she’s there or not? You need to spend time developing your senses if you want a conversation. If you’re there to ask for help, the simplified petition ritual is probably best.

How will you communicate until you’ve opened your senses up? Tarot? Dice? Pendulum?

You do you, but I would encourage you to spend some time reading the tutorials, opening your senses, and preparing yourself.

This is probably all I’m going to say about it and is just my opinion. The rest is on you an your efforts.


As I told you in PM, you need to make the effort to develop your abilities. We can spoon feed you all the information and how-to-do’s in the world, but all of it would be pointless if you don’t actually take the time and effort to work at the necessary skills.

You can start by searching YouTube for some guided meditations with Lilith.


Is it difficult to train these skills?

Yes, it is difficult, just as it is difficult to learn any new skill.

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Thank you so much for your awnser.

Did you had experince with her?

I heard many people “work” with her…

Well we had a great talk.
and i talked with others and i decided to meditate everyday and try everday astral projection.

Some. I have interacted with her in the past, but not heavily. Those experiences would only apply to me, though.

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some breathe exercise to full relax body and chamomile tea you will get easy in trance then imagine her sigil, btw she not be called she come alone

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