I want to try something I need help

So I recently met this guy in texas, we’re both originally from Cali but both out here visiting our mothers . He has a girlfriend back in California and I have a boyfriend back in California. We recently hooked up and I think I’m starting to like him, He said hes going back to California and we can’t continue this when he goes back . But I don’t want him to leave, any suggestions to get him to stay out here with me ??

Don’t want to give moral lesson, but talk with your boyfriend first.
You both are engaged.
I’m the one who thinks loyalty has more importance than everything else in a relation.
Except for this, I’m afraid I can’t help you

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mind control. make him think only of you and being with you
but what happens when your boyfriend finds out.
how are you gonna play this secret lovers with one and out in the open with the other? or are you gonna drop your current boyfriend to be with him.
I think there are alot of questions you need to ask yourself before hand. and be prepared to handle various outcomes.

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Like I honestly just want him to have an extreme desire to be around me all the time . My boyfriend in California has been very distant , if the new guy treats me better I’ll probably leave the one in Cali .

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either a stong love spell or mind control then

Any spells that you suggest ? I have 2 red taper candles and a rose shaped candle

i would recommend pink instead of red…because red can also signify anger.

and i believe someone posted EAs love spell on here.
you could also call on Venus to assist.

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Well of you what to go soft core, which is useful when the opportunity presents itself then I’d suggest Venus. If you eat to go hard core however then someone like Pomba Gira is your girl, her aspect as Maria Padhilla works great with things like this

A few things to consider, if you want to go with the Goetia, then I would say King Bael of Concealment (associated with Fire, Air, & the Heavens), so that if it is something you may really want, you can cover it now before it goes beyond the scope of your capability to conceal (and thus gets blown out of the water resulting in potential loss of said love interest), then I would say work with King Beleth, Goetic King of Love (associated with Earth & Fertility), He will help reveal and cement your connection so that you can understand the relationship you have and if it is worth the effort, and then I would say work with King Paimon of Emotion & Balance (associated with the Sea and Lunar Influences) to understand the situation itself, where you can take it, and what that will lead to for your previous partners.

If it helps, I associate King Bael with the Lord of the Skies, King Paimon with the Lord of the Seas, and King Beleth with the Lord of the Earth, much like the three Olympian brothers, Zeus, Poseidon, and Hades. Since the three Kings mentioned are the first three with these potential associations, perhaps that will help with stringing them together into an operation, with three Sigils charged separately: Sunday on the Hour of Venus for Beleth, Sunday on the Hour of the Moon for Paimon, and Sunday on the Hour of Mercury for Bael (you can find sources online for the hour charts, and choose the time that fits you best); with the three separately charged sigils, create a central sigil with a design you come up with that is infused with your intent to make this work, and then charge the whole system together.

I hope this helps, it is not my place to judge as these things happen, it is only my place to contribute what resources I can and hope that you are willing and able to face the consequences of such a union should it succeed.



It’s what I do, if you have any further questions or are looking for any further resources/places to look for assistance, let me know and I will get back to you when possible.


This sounds like a job for saspu or lotir

Amazing insight, which would be than the Lord of Fire and than the Olympian brother for it?

King Zagan of Fire with Hephaestus of the Forge most likely. Associated with the Archdaemon Beelzebeul, the Omnipotent whose Fire was dispersed to create the Primordial Vaults from which all Magick was later disseminated, in part due to the Nordic Magick using the Runes with the Worldtree, Yggdrasil, which was later expounded in the Qabbalah, particularly the Lurianic Qabbalistic Mysteries.

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Amazing!!! :sun_with_face: