I want to summon King Paimon but i need some caution

I did a Goetic evocation once with Amon, it worked but he called me a “little fool” because I wasn’t noticing the results…
Perhaps i was
(You’re probably thinking i am a stupid teenager new in magick and you’re goddamn right)
Sooo, I am very interested in the King Paimon because I want to learn from him but i’m afraid to summon him because i don’t have a single candle
So, he might think i don’t have respect for him and probably curse me
When i summoned Amon, i just put looked a pic of his sigil in my phone and did a thing or other with my hand…


I never use candles or anything. I’m only using a sigil (for the first two summons) and after that I’m just chanting the spirit’s name in my mind.
You don’t need any tools to summon a spirit and the spirit won’t judge you from it.

However, you must be really respectful when you summon a spirit (and especially a king like King Paimon!).
Perhaps Amon called you like that because you tried something big without having the ability to manifest it yet. But King Paimon is really friendly with beginners. You need to respect him a lot and don’t slack off when he’s trying to teach you something.


Well, how about we get you to Introduce yourself to us first :slight_smile:

Its one of our rules :wink:

Just because you’re a teenager doesn’t mean you’re stupid. @Aiden_Crow is 17 and I’m 18.

Where did you get this idea? Draw up his sigil or use your phone like you did with Amon and use his enn (Linan tasa jedan Paimon). Refer to Him as King Paimon, and you’ll be fine. Be respectful when speaking and all will be fine.

Dont be scared. Fear brings bad things. Just know it will work and it will go well. Things will be fine.



This has alot of info that can shine some light on working with spirits. Hope it is of use.


I agree with you there. Being scared about it isn’t something you should be doing. Instead focus to listen what the spirit has to say.


Thanks a lot, i’m going to summon him in 2 weeks, i think


I forgot to add, @anon34533336, I’ve disrespected spirits by accident, and I’m still living. No curses nor harm was done to me.

I did it to Lucifer and had the gall to still ask for something. She obliged. It didnt happen as was intended, and there was a bit of fallout caused due to it, but King Paimon and Lucifer work well with beginners.

Like I said, speak as you wish to be spoken to, refer to him as King Paimon, and just let things happen. Dont go in to it with fear.


That’s true, if you accidently disrespect him in some way, just apologise like you would do to any other person.


Heck, I’m 17 too. I’m sure there’s probably other teens on here. (I’m kinda surprised I’m not the only one, TBH. :sweat_smile:)


I’m not going to sugarcoat this.

I think the way you describe it in the offhand manner is possibly how you are interacting with these entities. What you have to remember is that you are dealing with entities who can give you things - if they say “jump” - you don’t say “wha…” Your response is “How high, in which direction and how often?”

Have you done absolutely any research before evoking/invoking any of these entities?

If not then I suggest you do that first before you do anything more and once you have everything straight in your mind, written down if necessary - only then do another ritual.

If you treat entities in an offhand manner (the vibe I get from you - forgive me, but that is what I am getting) and you are asking/demanding things, they may see you as self entitled and bratty - these entities have a habit of teaching you lessons. These can come in a number of forms, but these lessons are there to point you in the right direction.

Attitude and intention is everything, even more so than magickal paraphernalia.

Incidentally I was the one to change your title as you referred to him by his name only - you can blame me for that.

Actually you remind me of someone @TheRookie - I think he’d be a good person to talk to when he’s around as he is new and you are both on a very steep learning curve.


wow thanks, i’m gonna be honest with you: i summoned amon to make someone make a decision in a quick time
i didn’t want to accept his decision to be honest again and i was unfair rude with amon about this and now i’m sorry because wasn’t his fault
i apologize to him and he’s ok with it, i think


THAT is what we needed to hear. I’d suggest calling Amon up just to apologize (if you haven’t), make an offering and put it behind you both


I agree XD

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Before you summon this god you need to get rid of your anxieties. If you believe he will curse you for something so little, then he will. These entities are independent conscious beings as well as reflects as your own psyche imo. If you go into worrying about him cursing it, it won’t help. Or you can do it and trust that he is a benevolent god and carry on. Give him respect. Go out for a walk and pick him some flowers that remind you of him. Do something.


Are you nuts?? New to magick and calling on spirits without knowing how to do that properly? Amon was right.

Please learn how to evoke spirits properly. There are plenty of book out there. Read them first before trying to evoke anyone else. Never summon any spirit without doing research on the one you are calling. You dont need any candles at all. All you need is one circle one triangle, sigil of the spirit and respect for the one you are calling. If you dont have the last dont bother calling that spirit :wink:


Now, now. This is how some of us learn. My first invocation was of Lucifer, and I just followed a Luciferian rite (best I could). I had no idea what i was doing or what to expect. I fucked up. I made mistakes and I learned from them.

You dont need a circle or a triangle. You dont need anything but respect.


Ehh this is subjective. I would advise a degree of respect but the name and sigil are all that is really needed. That or the image of the entite you are tryin to connect to.


experienced mages dont need anything but respect. As op is beginner, I advised that. op can figure out in time whats really required to evoke is he/she reads 2-3 books on evocation :wink:

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I’m certainly not experienced in any way. I know ways of doing things, and I learned them through error. I agree reading books and the like may help, but as @Dinmiatus and I have said, all thats needed it a sigil and a way to call them. Thats how I started. A sigil and a prayer.


if you calling the spirit for the first time (2-3) sigil helps alot. Once you become accustomed to calling a spirit again and again, you should not need the sigil also.