I want to summon a succubus

I want to know how I can summon a succubus to change my gender instantaneously and erase all traces of my previous life and make me into a living sexual goddess on this earth. Can anyone help me?

It’s the “instantaneously” bit you’re going to run into problems with.

That’s not generally how magick works, and if you say it has to be, then go to it with that knowledge, and you don’t need anyone’s help from here. :wink:

To your question - you could try becoming really pretty, for example get hair extensions if you don’t have time to grow it, get your face and body hair lasered to never regrow, dark tattoos round your eyes like eyeliner, slim down any extra fat and muscle, get lip fillers - then get yourself incarcerated in a hardcore men’s prison.

You’d receive many tributes, be the most feminine being in your entire community, use sex to have the alpha male/s looking out for you, and your past life, and everyone in it, would have little to no meaning for you.

I’m not actually taking the piss here, these would work. You could be a goddess revered and lusted after by dozens, hundreds, of men, both famous and yet completely lifted outside the life you now have.


I wouldn’t go as far as to recommend prison for you to live the life of a goddess in flesh. You will only be someone’s bitch and property. And you wouldn’t be free to do what you want, either.

Physical transformation is a tricky thing, and it’s not possible to the extent of changing one’s gender. You could make small changes to your looks with a healthy lifestyle, change of diet and workout.

Other magicians says it works, but it is sometimes mixed up with the experience of feeling a transformation, physically, in the astral plane. So there is a possibility for you to experience how it feels to be a woman physically. That doesn’t mean it’s without unpleasent moments.

…or you could do it surgically, which means several years of psychological evaluations, bureaucratic mayhem without any guarantees of it to pass through.