I want to make sure

When doing automatic writing, after you’re done and you look at the answers, do they feel right? Like the spirit’s energy is emanating from them or something? Does it feel weird but right?

This, of course, if the communication is successful.

This may only relate to part of what you are asking, but I’ve noticed how even in EA’s (as well as in the overall subject) the Divination/Channeling aspects have 2 poles:

  1. where it is more like following a lead- perhaps more through one’s filter- thus you might sense “a” and then “n” and then “d”. or just sense the word “and” … or perhaps an image that you translate, etc… but if it is sort like hearing the words, or even feeling in your hand to write XYZ and your mind goes, ah that’s what it is… and you write… vs

  2. Where is it further into possession type-channeling (in terms of the hand- “evil dead 2”? -the hand)… not the overall mindstate, but where moment by moment, of the movement is following the guidance…
    so you wouldn’t even receive an “a” and it wouldn’t even be a sense of a circle… just pencil/charcoal to paper it moves a bit and moves a bit (no sense of what it is going to result in)… so it often looks like a different handwriting… either scrawly or else much more loopy

(it could lose alignment/write ontop of itself)… sort of like integrating coordination/awareness of paper and where marking- without engaging the part of mind that control the writing…etc.

Those 2 extremes blend (and its not really which- but the “where it is coming from” Indirectly-vs-Directly… the second, I find, could have more a sense of Other (and thus, depending upon that Other more a sense of Power either in reading it, or even in just viewing the writing)…
another aspect you could feel the Emanating of E from the paper as well as the table where it was written- and you might be feeling the Energy that exuding out of you-physically into the enviro and what you had Attn on (the paper)… thus energy-enfused more so than the info: content or context.

just some possibilities… I wonder if any of those relate to your exper