I want to do the Evocation program by E.A but Im asking for some reality checks

I want to do the Evocation program by E.A but Im asking for some
reality checks first. Like is there any reputed dangers of summoning spirits? Could they possibly attack you if you’re not careful enough, but also might they lie to you, or that you might be contacting a spirit very different from the one you think you’re contacting. In E.A’s system of magick does he adequately address the problem known in occult circles as “astral deception,” which includes not only deception by spirits or astral entities, but also self-deception on the part of the magic(k)ian. It may also include impersonaltion, by other spirits or astral entities, of the spirits you think you’re summoning. Etc
Also I still can’t get my head arownd the idea of these Spirits doing stuff or getting stuff for you, I keep feeling they want or need something in exchange
Any thoughts?

Yes, spirits want something in exchange. And that is fulfilling their purpose of existence. For example, if you summon a spirit like Zepar, whose purpose is manifesting love, and you ask it for love, he would be more than happy to do that for you. It would be in accordance to his purpose of existence. So you already give him something in exchange by asking him to fulfill his purpose.

As for spirits attacking or deceiving you… That depends only on you and how you view them. Your observation or point of view of reality will alter it. If you fear spirits, they will communicate to you through that particular gateway of perception. If you expect them do deceive you, they will respond accordingly. Your perception, observation or point of view is a filter, a gateway that manifests reality according to that filter. Fear spirits and they will act on that fear. Treat them as partners in ascent and they will act on that.

Koetting’s program is very well put together, his advice is solid, simple and surprisingly effective. He teaches the basics of creation (evocation) and by that you can later come up with your own methods.

The reason everybody fears demons is because demons are independent entities. They can do whatever the hell they want. What normal (social conditioned) person wouldn’t fear such an unpredictable entity? Real power comes with independence.

Indeed, if you go into an evocation thinking, “This spirit is likely to deceive me,” then that is exactly what you’re going to get.

A friend of mine has a sign on his front door that reads, “How I can trust you if I myself cannot be trusted?”

In other words, we expect other people to be as good or as bad as we are, and we project that on to them. Push this to the realm of invisible friends, and you can see how this will intensify.

He does address these concerns not only in the course but also in a few of his emails he sends to subscribers.

E.A. mentioned in one of the emails that Demons, Angels…etc. are not very good at deceiving us because they have never been human, and thus are not very good at lying to us. After every answer a good question to ask yourself is “Is this useful?” if it is not then that is a good indication that you were lied to.
For example you may call up an entity and ask it how to procure love and if the answer is “Kill you family” then you know that the advice is not useful (and dangerous) so you can simply level with the spirit and let it know that you are not playing games and want it to give you the correct answer to your questions.
E.A. gives more detail in the course and in his books.

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I remember E.A mentioning somewhere that the spirits are currents of power, and that power wishes to act.

Thus, whatever you do when you do it is to be direct the suitable spirit to the suitable task.

But before all that. You probably need to clear your own mental fog little by little before you can start on anything and make progress. I know I have to, piece by piece I have to change my consciousness.

Thank-you all for your coments, Im going to take the plunge and do Koetting’s program as Elison said “is very well put together, his advice is solid, simple and surprisingly effective”

Just what I need thank you all and thank-you E.A. for this wonderful opportunity which is not based on some out dated and such a hard to understand system, don’t get me wrong most of the old systems sound unreal and awesome like John Dee’s Magikal system but it would take years of hard work to get a good working grasp of Enocian Magick
an oportunity not mbased

Sorry T_po an opportunity not unbiased