I Want My Old Account Back

@Lady_Eva So my old account is DankGod and I have completely forgotten my gmail and password
I would really like my account back I would really appreciate if you could help me get my account back
Thank you !

Can you give me an e-mail, which you’ve not used on this site (it won’t allow 2 accts on one e-mail), and I can ask Timothy to please:

  1. link that e-mail to @DankGod
  2. send you a password reset, from that account, to the e-mail you chose

Then you can go to the e-mail and use the usual lost password process to log-in. He’s pretty busy so it might not happen instantly, depends what’s going on at BALG HQ. :smiley:

Okay, I just e-mailed him, so I’ve deleted this now so you don’t get a ton of spam. :+1:

@Lady_Eva Ok thank you so much !

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