I’ve been away but learned/experienced a lot

You powerful people/beings on this forum must be aware of how deep this esoteric knowledge goes. I can say with full honestly that my life has been put through a whirlwind, in what has seemingly been negative experiences. (overruling any material gains)
I know better than to adopt the victim mentality, and Im aware of how blatantly draining former aspects of my life have been to myself. I am still weak in many ways, but the wisdom, humility and perseverance I encompass from this sort of work is invaluable. Im curious because I’ve been away from this forum for years now. I acknowledge in myself that this work comes with a heavy, sort of indescribable darkness in equal quantity of enlightenment/knowing. My only question is that the most powerful of the left hand path are absolutely sadistic and ruthless. As in child trafficking, slavery torture and sacrifice. To me this seems like a wet dream for many Infernal spirits involved with this path - which goes much further than any imaginary concept of evil. I dont quite subscribe to the duality of morals, I only wonder where some of you draw the line. There is much power in these dark dark things. how are any left hand practitioners any different from the absolute most devious aspects of Luciferianism? As I ask this I question the thought because the very institutions meant to uphold ‘good’ are in themselves the most ‘evil’.


Just be who you want to be. You don’t have to follow anyone else. Take the good and discard the rest. What works for you , it don’t have to be just like others. Be your true self. Let no labels define you. Life circumstance change and we must be flexible to change as well. Be like water. Flow with the tide. Stubbornness is the death of progress. You see it all the time in relationships. No progress cuz one is too stubborn and won’t be a little flexible. Stagnant is death, movement is life.


There are plenty of people on here that actively combat this sort of thing, yet work with the Infernal Empire. Some of those Infernal Empire entities seem to get satisfaction in assisting in these workings.

I’m sure dirt could get dug up on just about this sort of thing in every sizable religion/denomination in existence. Do I judge all Christian by the actions of Charles the Hammer? Or Muslims by the actions of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi? Predators are predators, whether they wear a crown, a suit, a frock, a fast food uniform, or anything else.

We’re people who practice magic, not magical robots without any kind of moral or ethical compass.