I tried to contact Belial but something else came through

A few days ago i tried to invocate Belial but with no luck.i thought that i did something wring and that it didn,t and did not a banishing ritual.
But a few days after that strange things start to happen.
I wake up in the night i was so scared.
I saw something its was so black and you feelt the hate.
I ignored it but it became wors than it already was.it started to attack me.i had bruises everywhere.but that was the beginning i could not sleep normal anymore.
I said what are you?it didnt respons i asked again it answered.but i was not happy with it.
It said i am your worst nightmare.i will break you mental,i will terroris your dreams and when i am done with that,then come the fun part.your aura will be weaker and then finally i can put my claws in your skin.ohh how Nice will that be after all that time! And then when i am finished with that i will eat your soul.
I asked who are you?he said nothing tell me i said the second time i am before time and space. between emptiness and depth.

‘I am created before the Abbys existed,

Do anybody know what i can do i am scared!


It might be indeed belial or his Father, the serpent of the abyss the Prince of darkness.


What can i do now will he hurt me again?

The ancient one is an title of the ninth gatekeeper satan.


What can i do that he not scare me again.

you can simply tell him,but why do you called him?


Awaking things better being left dead and forgotten.

What did you think was at the bottton Hell? Kisses, rainbows and hugs?


I did have a quick question did you use a magic/protection circle?
We only fear the unknown and this path is precarious at times even for those with years of experience.
Unless you are truly ready, ready to communicate with said being again then I would suggest searching the forum for cleansing rituals, and magic/protection circles.


I agree it could indeed be Belial as he did something very similar to me when i first summoned him and to @Lady_Eva as well i believe, he does so like to test us from time to time to see how we react.

What to do about it?

Option one: Burn any sigils you were using, do a banishing, and apologize for bothering the powers of darkness in the first place.

Option two: If it happens again command not ask for its name, if it is Belial he should be quite pleased with that simple show of force and the whole experience will change and become much more positive.

But if it gives you nothing again but empty titles assume its lying and banish it by projecting white light at it, if you don’t know how this video explains it.

Can use Black lightning for this i think if that’s more to your liking.

And remember it’s ok to feel fear, but also a big part of this journey is learning how to control it so it no longer controls you.


No i didnt use a protection circle its that needed and how do you do that?

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I called him because i wanted to learn magick its al very new for me and i thought maybe will he help me but i think that i have Made him mad.because when i did the invocation i feelt for a short time a presence behind me.
It was so a strong energy i was scared of it and cried and blow out the candles
I have not said thanks for coming or have talked to him.
How can i apologise to him and which number its associated with him i see 22,44,33 and 11 everytime sind then.

Belial, while he can and does teach magic, teaches how to stand alone and break out of bondage, whether set by ourselves or by others. Fear is an example of something that binds and holds us down from reaching our potential. Have you been feeling drained since it appeared?


Its aslo important to note that belial is not that sugar coating demon, he likes to make shit up as intensely as possible i can relate to your experience as he manifests pretty intensely, but if you slow down chill yourself and tell him that you didnt like that he will respect that.


Oh yeah, I actually had to threaten him when he stepped a little too far with me. He laughed and has been tagging along for the ride ever since

I never recommend threatening a spirit but he definitely seems to respect those who are willing to put up a fight when he puts on one of his tests


That sounds like something Belial would do. He’s the kind of spirit who will throw you in the middle of a lake to teach you how to swim.


I completely agree. I am wondering if he let in a parasite in order for the OP to learn how to defend themselves, hence why I asked if they have been feeling drained. I could see him doing something like that, perhaps as a teaching method to utilize desperate need into pure will for magic


Yes i feelt drained when it appeared

He literally let legions of demons fed on me and watched me laughing and i lauged too and beg for more,so what you are saying defenetly is a possibility.

reading the expirience of the OP looks like Belial truly came in but with tests.


How do you defend against that parasite?

How can i invocate him with succes?