I tried a sweetening spell for Him. What is the meaning of this guys?

So I used an apple, cut out its core and filled it with some honey then I buried it at a crossroads and went home…
I think I might have buried the apple upside down :confused:

Anyways, as I was walking home, I saw this greyish coloured stray cat near my way home and she started to speak to me in her cat language in an aggressive sort of way :smiley:

I shushed her and tried not to look at her as I went back home but I couldn’t help myself so I looked back and saw that the cat was staring at me lol

Then, I went home and tried to eat a sandwich and my mouth felt it was on fire…
I couldn’t even take more than a bite, I checked in the mirror and saw that I had two blisters in my mouth!!!

An hour later, my blisters had vanished…

Don’t sound good imo


Sounds like the situation mandates divination.

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Could you help with that? @FraterMagni

Damn! YOU ARE truly in love with him! Aren’t you :confused:


Try this…

Dig up that apple (as soon as possible) and fill the whole with soil preferably so that it would look like there was ever a whole being dig up (- as a symbolic of that spell never taking place/being done in the first place). Then burn that apple in a bonfire with the will of eliminating and destroying the energy it holds and the energy and the results caused by the object and the spell in which it was used. While burning the apple, you should be saying a pre-written verbal spell about destroying the energy summoned by the object and the spell, banishing it, etc.
The next step would be to put a flower at the place where you have buried that apple in the first place (- preferably something pretty and exotic, with not too dark or too much colour and definitely not anything poisonous; and it should be preferably done in the evening/sunset and right after the apple has been burned).

After this, you should do a Banishing Ritual (- the one you most prefer).
Then in the end take a cold shower and a ritual bath in a consecrated salt water to cleanse yourself from any energy left from the process.

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I made a sour jar that backed fire on me really bad I kept in my home for a week. I had to buried it near a tree in the forest.
but from my understanding with love spells you don’t bury it till its done.