I took a great fall hoping I'll take the asencsion

I prayed to Lucifer for a new change in life 2 weeks ago and now I’m moving out after being kicked out to move this Friday.I joined a gang not too long ago because I have no actually family who gives a fuck about me.No matter how much I cleanse myself or curse my grandmother.my actual family Hates me and wishes I was dead.I had to join a gang to sleep somewhere when I got kicked out with a full-time job paying rent.Im practically still an a teenager and even though I’m old enough to move out my family Hates me.no living human related to me cares bout me.Even though I’m leaving the hate hurts so .i contemplate suicide everynight.idk what to do to feel better.


No one should be going sleep every night with suicide on their mind my friend. Joining gangs are a tricky one don’t stick around too long, been there done, done that. That brotherhood don’t mean shit… Send me a PM when you’re ready. I will help you with this along the way and will teach you some energy work and mantras to use.


The only stable cure for this is self-knowledge. However, this is not always obtained in a flash of inspiration but through habitual introspection and meditation.

Ultimately, all of this–although seemingly real–is an illusion of consciousness. Your consciousness is literally the only power in your experience and it is infinite.

However, whatever you are going through is also run by that same infinite power and, in particularly “urgent” situations, you might need to seek some normal means, i.e. charitable organisations or people, to aid you temporarily. The normal methods are also run by the same power.

You could also try some rituals because the strength of your emotion–due to the strength of the hidden desire for something better–will likely produce at least a short-term result. Try Barashakushu of the Necronomicon or something from the sphere of Jupiter.

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This is the change…

You prayed for it…you got it.

This will make you hella stronger magiy and otherwise.
Be wise about this gang and stay aware. Lucifer is with you but you must go through this.

I can already tell you:
You’re not gonna commit suicide. And that’s based on what I see.

You will be respected by the gang but it will be Lucifer’s protection and demonic aura that will strike fear into them and keep you safe.

Slowly you will learn to manipulate and rise to power and will achieve great things. During this time, your death spells will take affect.

You will return to find your family destroyed for their mistreatment, months or years later.

Use your Hate. Let it fuel you. Work in your magic. Lucifer has your back.