I thought your soul could not be sold

I looked at old blog cannot find adequate answer all ove the u tube its “i sold m soul” and I am still myself but more.
Not limiting the tag btw.
So iam confused
Also i have begun relationship with Belial and considered full possession for a while but i think he told me i was not submissive or ready. Hav felt great amount of energy that moves my body even seated a spike of electricity on my left upper arm
This Looks separate but wait its linked
I have been process of extinguishing fear and bs confusion the nature of reality. Great Belial has been gentle and kind i feel he has not deceived me because I com from a plac of innocently not knowing the right procedures or suitable offerings so hes been patient.
I had mad a few sigils smeared with menses because its powerful. And I have item i want his essence in but it requires a drop of blood. I asked him if he needs my blood but he appears to not want it. Just the itrm in question.
Now my activated sigils is for Belial King Paimon Lucifer Azazel Lilith
Now the part about soul and Lucifer. You see now uts been since December '18 when found thi and i think i have been leading up to all this stuff. So i want to ho further i am ready to begin my transmutation to being my god / goddess self my evolution. So im thinking of pact w belial and calling in Lucifer contracting. So ok 1. The influence of Belial is noticeable but be he has not possessed more than partial. Ti me he looks like a black dragon wings sometimes partially a man whites skinned tall strong powerful- i feel safe with him mire now that ge has helped me in healing and understsnding. Lucifer i think is the one essence he looked like dragon head coming out of a fog or smoke. He is the one also linked with primordial. But to connect with him soul like and pact-like contracts… What is soul SELLING???
Dies it mean i loose my essence or my god self autonomy? Dose it mean im restricted from working with others and do i have to be worse off than i already am?
Please can those with great experience and gnosis also answer -and no i am Not excluding ir disregarding anyones response.
Please snd Thank you all who have answers


As far as I know this doesn’t exist. I am also not quite sure where you are getting it from, maybe lucifer’s dogma. But E.A. has said that it doesn’t quite exist due to it not being yours etc etc. But has Lucifer ever come forth to you and said anything about it?

As for a pact, it is not selling your soul it is exactly what it is a pact. It is more like a deal, the way I see it it is just you wanting something from him and him wanting something in return for what he gives you. Like for example I want to be better versed in healing and necromancy, say Lucifer could provide that for me, say he wants me to make a shrine and do rituals to him in return. But I am not well versed on these types of things so I may not have the right way of describing it.

Have a good one.


What you sell, you no longer own. Yes, you can sell yours, but it is not necessary and you would be better off in almost all cases not doing this.

A pact is not (as @Winters says) the same thing, one may have a pact to work on a project, or a pact for lifelong mentoring, or a pact to sell your soul for eternity, but they do not have to go together and for most of us, they don’t.

My soul is my own, it is the seat of My power.


Yeah better said.

I heard something from EA saying you couldn’t sell it or something. :confused:




Synchronicity all over the place for me…

Pacts, i find myself on the other end of one… and now i feel anxiety that i will be a let down. Hope this isnt derailing the thread but what if i fail. But i cannot think that way. I was called forth to do something and i will do it. But why me though? :thinking:


Well, I think it’s like “can god make a ditch so deep he can’t jump over it?” - the point is, if you enter into a pact like that, you’re going to be held to it and so why bother risking that?

I think it is exceptionally stupid to pledge your eternity for short-term gains, and in most cases, utterly futile and counter-productive to ascent.

The only person I know who did this (Varnaxis) had pre-existing spiritual inheritance from past lives, and did it at a very young age early last century, when it was the only kind of spiritual aid he knew of, in order to basically save his own life.

Any adult reading this is not in that situation and should never consider this unless they have assured an ascended role in the heirarchy of the spirit they pledge to, as he got.

He also LOVES his liege lord Satan, and again this is a very different thing, because he was able to live his whole life harmonising and preparing for that permanent alliance after his life on earth was over.

To pledge eternal servitude to a being you don’t even know or can barely communicate with, and without having any terms or boundaries set after death, as so many beginners attempt to do, is utterly reckless and foolish. :man_shrugging:


Sounds like this needs readings and support etc? :thinking:


Thsnk you. Well its all over u tube which is why I questioned it. Because I also thought that soul was mainly an ego- thought that when we die it goes nut our essence is still in spirit


Maybe so… but Im up for the challenge.

What are your thoughts?

Ohh ok. Yep thanks

My thoughts on this:

… are, if not you, then who?

If you see what I mean. :smiley:


Well there it is :grin: .

Looks like ive got work to do :smiling_imp:


It’s an extended pact where the petitioner neglects to read the fine print. This can be initiated both verbally or with actual pens and papers (and BLOOD muah-ha-ha-ha!).

There’s a Twilight Zone episode where this guy enters a pact for immortality. He ends up going to jail on top of not being able to age or die.


Ok now I am completely clear. All that u tube hype had made me confused because it didn’t make sense.
Ok. So i understand and am completely clear. Thank you abundantly everyone for helping. I am not after quick fixes to ascension either but when you see self proclaimed sourcerers making these claims its hard to not get addled at times.
I am looking forward to chaniing to making pacts and relationships.
Sigh smile :blush:.


Hey, nice post. What’s your personal experience with Belial as beginner magician and how are your astral senses? What kind of energy work, chakra, meditation have you done so far?


I found Belial understood me from where i come from & my brainwashings that am still washing free. He gas shown me his image black dragon/ white skin male strong aura of hugeness safety patience. He directed me where to find answers i have had more courag been a bit “bitchy”. Empowered liv that tickely tingly feeling of touch live that thick darkness that surrounds me love that although I didn’t show show much in offerings he showed me where to look for information.
I love the pains in my head during meditation the between my brow top of head back of head where it connects. That strange itchy tingly i had with Quan Yin my head itched so bad couldn’t help scratch every where lik I had flees
He had shown me in dreams where i am not letting go he has shiwn ne that In order to be free (not a slave), I must first know who I am know myself - & my true Self - then thise that want to enslave me will leave me they will not want to be aroum “they” will leave… and I must not chase after the things i leave behind.
Took all day for me to analyse that dream fully😜
The next nights dream i was being gifted by someone i am aquinted with he said ‘its time to upgrade you’ things that i liked ahh clothes creams et al. pretty stuff for woman -hehe :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:- i felt thankful and reached to hug him he stood and hugged me i really Felt loved. He said ‘all for you’.
I know that it was a metaphor as most dreams are.
When i firs begun i was struggling with TGS my chakras were blocked
Ladt month whilst in meditation i saw flames going up and down my root to crown the from the root i saw serpents head through the flane begin to ruse it burned some areas and kept going and stopped in Upper dan tian (solar plexus).
Belial has shown me areas that i need to work on and so i have been doing my best.
Praise and bleesed is Belial
I have been bleesed by Quan Yin where she literally used my body to tap where i have chakras that are needing attention… a gnosis for me i didn’t know there weas chakras All iver the body. After that i looked it i p and found more and more information on it on u tube.
Blessed Quan Yin

Sooo yeah maybe not much to an experienced LHP but so major for me and I am soo excited.
Am sure you can tell. Huh.


Personally, I don’t think you can. I know the threads you’re talking about and after all the dust settled I haven’t seen any argument that changed my mind. Mostly because I’m quite entrenched in this being the planet of free will idea.

The soul is not a separate thing. You can sell yourself into slavery, but you can’t sell away something that can’t be detached, and since this is the planet of free will, there’s no way to enforce such an agreement.

Whether someone you reneged on a deal on comes back to fight you over it is a different issue.


Short answer is the whole idea about needing to sell your soul to was propaganda spread in ALOT of older grimores and treatises who’s authors had heavy monotheistic religious influences as far as i can tell. Mostly it was inserted as a blinder for the uninitiated to stop “normal faithful religious” folk from even trying.

You can find plenty of things to explore that move past that old fear mongering concept here

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Just saw how old this post is :joy: oh well still useful info in the above post.

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