I think something got a little mixed up

I was over on robert bruces site, because I just finished listening to his interview and he said something about releasing a kundilini activation guide. Been thinking of trying that so I figured I would check it out. Unfortuinately its not out yet so I guess I’ll have to wait a bit.

Anyway I think Timothy got something mixed up, because notice the icon by the evolution ebook


Anyway until the kundilini guide comes out, does anyone have any recommendations for this subject?

Bitterroot recommended this guy’s book for some more general hatha yoga practice:


I ordered it, and his Yoga Nidra book, and they are very well-written. Anyway, he has written a book on Kundalini specifically, though it assumes a background in the subject:


According to the top review that shows up, the Kundalini book assumes you have mastery of this one:


And the Yoga Nidra book for good measure (which is great so far):

Thanks for pointing that out Defectron.

There is so much crap out there on Kundalini.

99% of it is just psychology, theory, and religious superstition.

Robert is the only person I know who can regularly raise his kundalini. As far as I’m concerned, his upcoming “Activating Kundalini” is the first program to ever truly show how to trigger it.

(And by raising kundalini, I’m referring to true crown-penetrating-serpent-hanging-over-the-third-eye-full-Akashic-lucid-clairvoyance type of opening)

The Satayananda books are very worthwhile in my opinion, and do a pretty good job putting out practices for you to get started on. The kundalini book is the most extensive one I have seen from his line, some 400+ pages. One thing about much literature on the subject is extremely timid, with little practicality. I can say the Satayananda has pretty decent work.

cool, I might check that out metatron. Also Timothy do you have any projected dates on when his kundilini program will probably be available?

Yea in case I it wasn’t clear already, those are the books red was mentioning. He’s got a lot more than what red mentioned, but the above are all pretty legit and straightforward