I think someone sent a demon to get me in my sleep

How do I protect myself next time(sleep paralysis, night terror, etc)


Cleanse and banish, make sure you drink enough water and get the right healthy electrolyte and mineral balance as well.

Waking from a 6 - 8 hour period of being inactive can be stressful if you’re eating wrong, dehydrated, etc.

One more for luck: http://mindyourzen.com/sleep-paralysis/


Ok thanks

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Hekate, the pentacles of the moon and saturn

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did you hear voices or just paralized?


I heard footsteps and felt presence

At 02:00 am


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Agree about hydration. Also consider magnesium supplement. Get your sleep oxygen levels checked in case you have sleep apnoea or similar. Avoid alcohol or heavy meals before sleeping, and dont watch TV or any bright screen before rest.

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