I think my general spell backfired

Hi all. A few weeks ago, I did a general love spell with Duke Sallos from the book Demons of Magick, to attract “the best soulmate for me”, commanding that he should pursue me “passionately and with determination”. I talked to Duke Sallos about the soulmates and just said the best person in general for me, since I didn’t want to mess with anyone who I didn’t have a chance with.

I also charged my second pentacle of Mercury with helping me see which person would be best for me. That was last week.

Ever since then, I’ve been having nightly dreams of the same person(“1”). This person has started avoiding me in waking life, but last night I was dreaming of one of my best platonic friends when I was abruptly woken from a sound sleep to heavy energy around me, and kept hearing 1’s name in my head. I never dated 1, but used to flirt with him a lot. I saw 1 a few days ago and he looked like he hadn’t slept in a week!

I don’t want to mess up 1’s life, I would prefer someone who actually wants to be with me, not someone who avoids me now, and I feel bad, maybe Duke Sallos didn’t understand?

Anyone with similar experience, or advice for me?

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I am in no position to state anything as fact because I don’t know “1”, but could it be that he is a bit shy? I know enough dudes in today’s day and age who are just afraid to admit their feelings to someone.
Could it be that “1” has an internal struggle whether to talk to you or not? Could it be that all that needs to happen, is for someone or something to break the ice between you two?

Because if he indeed is the right one, then it is safe to say that he either wants to be with you now, or he is open to the possibility of being with you in the future.
→ Someone who is not completely closed off to you, basically

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I have tried saying hello to him but he walks past me, expressionless. Later he will show up wherever I am (he’s a colleague) but won’t speak to me directly, only to others. If I try to talk to him he freezes up completely.

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Haha I know that feeling. I am speaking from personal experience here, so please take this with a grain of salt.
People are usually a lot more open around people they don’t mind being “imperfect” around.
I remember being able to talk to anyone but as soon as my crush approached me, I would freeze up and my brain would just shut down.
Furthermore, there is this urge to paint yourself in this “false light” in front of your love interest because you yourself are not happy with the way you are as a person

People usually try to introduce a fake ego to their crush because they don’t want their love interest to be disappointed in their real self. Either that OR they avoid any interactions with their crush completely

It looks to me like the Demons have grown the fruit of love for you and all you need to do is go ahead and pick it off the tree.
If you are unsure, spend more time around him to confirm subtle signs of him being interested in you.

Hope this helped

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It did help, but it’s hard to talk to him as he works in another department. The last time I saw him, he ran away from me.

I have a good opener - we both used to work state jobs, in the same line of work in fact, and I wanted to ask him about his time there. But I can’t do anything if he won’t come near me. If he is the right one, I feel like I need some sign from him himself if that makes sense.

The sign could be that he appears wherever you are, as you stated earlier, just to be around you. What you could do, is get to know some of his friends and ask about his typical behavior while he is away from you. Then you compare that to the way he behaves whenever he knows that you are nearby (when he talks to others).
Is there a drastic difference? If yes, then that’s a major clue that he paints himself in a false light just to impress you. It is things like this you have to look out for.
Sucks that we humans are so damn complicated

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You petitioned to attract a soulmate… not to get into a healthy, romantic, and stable relationship with one.

You got what you asked for.


No, I petitioned to attract someone who would pursue me for a romantic relationship. I’m fine with making the first move but that person has to be open to it.

Good one. I have also realized that exact wording is everything…. Its better to spend few days on the words than fuck up a ritual.

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Then the person you’re thinking of could be a “decoy,” and not “the real deal.”

It’s quite usual for a “decoy” to manifest before the real deal. In your case it’s like this, in other cases people think the “real deal” manifested, they get into a relationship with them, and it doesn’t last for any longer than a few months… and then the real deal shows up and they get their “happily ever after.”

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I did. I spent two week thinking of the right words.

Well, there were two people I was thinking of… I asked for the one who was meant for me, or best for me. “2” told me he wasn’t interested in a romantic relationship right now (with me).

I wasnt blaming.

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@Star_Galaxy I’m sorry, but etsy shops cannot be linked on the forum. It is a breach of the rule against commercial advertising.


Then it’s not him. Anyways, if you reach 2 months with no result, ask Alloces what’d gone wrong in a Connective Evoc, or work with Botis to pursue “1” in doing… read his abilities from there.

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Never the case. Also the title of the thread is wrong. This can’t backfire, as you asked for the best possible partner. It could have backfired if you tried to change a certain man’s mind into loving you, but rarely anyways.

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Ahhh. Pity. My tarot cards love him. But if he’s not willing to meet me halfway, then maybe he is a decoy of some sort as mentioned by a pp above.

the best you can do is forget about it for a few weeks. let the work be done with no interfere…you know

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Make a list of the person you want. Make it as refined as you can. Then, keep refreshing it once in a while. We learn as we go.