I think moths mean something

I know I’ve made a post about moths before but this one is different. This made me feel like I should make note of it publically rather then privately.

One of my kittens may or may not be dying. I don’t know but right now it isn’t looking good.

Aside from that I have him swaddled in a towel in my arms, holding him while I’m leaned back with my knees up so he can rest in the dip with my arm supporting his head. I want to make sure to keep him supervised until he seems okay enough to put down. There was a moth fluttering around us.

First it fluttered around his head then it went around mine before landing on my knee. It locked eyes with me and fluttered its wings at me before taking off.

I think maybe it’s trying to tell me something but right now I have no clue. All I know is that moths come to me when something new happens like when I made progress with mediating as an example.

Hopefully this little one was harbinger of good news.

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How’s your kitten doing? Where I come from we see moths as souls visiting us.

He’s very good, thanks for asking.

His brothers are looking after him. He’s the one on the blanket.

If it is a soul as you say then I suspect it must be my grandmother visiting in that case. She always had a spot for cats and looking after them.

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My rhp Magickal Teacher - C.D. - was always going on about the Death Moth and how moths were bad news and harbingers of nastiness, but I’m pretty sure that was just another of his personal prejudices picked up along the way. Seemed like any large moth was a Death Moth to him. Suffered heebie-jeebies and seemed adept at passing these on.

Al. (C.L.)

To be honest, your teacher does have a point about deathheads since their supposedly connected to thhe underworld so it’s fair to think that it would be evil in some sense.

This moth was a normal moth that you would see at any light, around the size of a nickel at best so it wasn’t large exactly.

I have a strange experience too

In my First invocation i have visit of a white moth , in my Second invocation a Black one.