I think I'm possessed by something

You made it sound like it could have attached to you a long time ago and is just recently been acting up I tried to get a time date exc seen 8 then asked when got June 5th dunno how accurate that is my visions are no where as true compaired to Channling. But I that date resonates coo but I doubt it. I channeled and they said it’s sonthing simple all you need to do is actively try to get rid of it and it’ll be gone. So yea check out the LBRP there was a great page I’d share on it that was made today I wrote it down in my notebook had a few extra pointers exc but yea it got closed but there got to be it on here. If you do the morning pentagram then cross and night pentagram and cross everyday for a while it’ll leave, “no doubt it’s not gonna try to fight that”

yeah I would do the LBRP today for sure
it said to do it once in the morning and once at night?

I’d try to find out what the dates might mean and tell you

So there’s a night time LBRP for morning and night and a another ritual ovthe cross your supposed to o after doing both of the morning and nights.

I hope they’d post the ritual again

I got lucky and some how it let me view the closed page again I copied it and pm’d you it.

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