I think I'm in love with Raum

Ever since I’ve reached out to Raum… I feel like I’m in love. Is that normal with Raum? At first i was afraid of Raum, but after communicating with him… Even when i just feel he’s around, i feel like I’m falling in love with Raum.


Raum is full energy and full power. Just thinking of him gives almost spontan channeling. Is great to work with :wink:


I don’t actually ‘work’ with Raum, we just talk and stuff. I’ve never asked for assistance for him, really.


I know Raum is associated with crows; what about magpies?!!


Maybe this RAUM meditation will bring him to you more. ( Worth a try )


Yes, I’ve done that…and feel somewhat connected to him…but was woken up by 2 magpies fighting this morning outside my window for the first time ever! Was wondering if that would be connected with Raum!


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Wow that’s incredible! Thanks for sharing and taking the time to look it up!

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Raum appears to me as a strange, friendly looking being. He can take any form he likes.
He drapes himself around my neck, has shiny black straight fur that puffs out at times, with big almond shaped completely black eyes (there is no white or color in them, other than black) and he has antennas with a little black ball on the tip. It is a form of a Goblin. He is completely black.

One time I was eating in the food court with my aunt and father, and he was staring at a woman eating behind me, who was looking at me and my back. He wasn’t hostile, but eventually I noticed and telepathically said to Raum, “she is attracted to you. It’s like she wants to hold you, pet you, caress your fur and give you kisses all at once.”
He replied, “I have that effect on women.”

He is very friendly to me, and I give him kisses too. :slight_smile: