I think I was successful with a curse!


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Did you create the sigil, or you used one out of the internet?

Yeah i regret this so much :sob: i wish I never did these magic.


it worked :sleepy:

And you’re sad?

Doesn’t matter, does it?

I know many people have different view on what magick actually is, but I particularly like Miller’s definition that magick is an influence of change, rather than a cause of change.

Yeah :joy: he came back he is a total stalker now super obsessed with me . I found out she was toxic to him they both deserve each other im going to try to bind him to her :rofl:

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Can you tell us more about the curse you used?

Smh I’m so sorry it worked so well I’m actually saying I’m so sorry it didn’t work so this is a change but shit I hope it goes well

don’t mess with the cute hamster. they know mojo magick!!!

your stuck with him now. no take backs. lol

maybe you can transfer the magick results to someone who love stalkers. =o) or loan the stalker and have him be return at another date. Only if that’s how it works like a library book. haha.