I think I summoned Orobas

I this I just did an evocation of Orobas .

I bought frankincense and myrrh incense stick and used a white candle I had and lit both the incense and candle .

I had Orobas’s sigil with his enn on two corners of the paper . I stared at the sigil for about 2 mins and then I started saying his enn . I kept repeating it and I was also saying “Prince Orobas please come” "Prince Orobas please come to me " . I didn’t feel any kind of way but my incense stick was moving a little funny . It was going in a straight line and at the end of the line , it would give very small curves repeatedly . I didn’t feel any way , I wasn’t in a deep meditative state , I was completely aware .

The only sign I had that he was probably here was the incense and like certain parts of my body felt a little weird . I wrote this pact out :

Prince Orobas

If you give me at least 400 dollars a day from my app APP NAME , I will give you two caps full of liquor and public praise when the moment comes . I also need you to show me these results within one week from today .

Thank you Prince Orobas .

(my semen was here) MY NAME

and that was the end .

After saying this pact , I called on him again a few times and then I signed the pact . I told him he could now leave (I said it a few times) . I blew out the candle and let the incense burn .

Can anybody tell me if this was a success or botched attempt ?

Or if anybody knows him can they ask Orobas if I did it right ?


Sounds pretty right on to me, but I’ll leave the judgment call to someone more experienced than myself.

I’d be very careful about signing pacts with entities you barely know though. You usually want a working relationship (at least) with said entity beforehand, but to each their own.



PS You were definitely heard, as @Soon2bAdept said. Keep your mind open

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The more you trust yourself and the summoned, in general, the better the outcome. Just hold it in your knower that you were heard, and stay open to coincidences, sudden ideas, and gut feelings related to the request/goal. Don’t worry. I think worry and fear weakens the will.



Thanks . I just feel kind of excited and surprised because I actually went through

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What should I do if I don’t get the results in the time frame I asked ?

Also should I make a pact with King Paimon to have him massively spread the word about my app ?

Don’t over think the ritual you’re supposed to forget about it and let the manifestation take its course


I meditated and communicated with Orobas yesterday. Lit a candle, draw his sigil and called him. I’m pretty sure I was able to activate his sigil. Then later that night, I don’t know if it’s real or I was just dreaming.

I felt like I went to the bathroom, but I can also feel my body lying in my bed. I even see my own body sleeping in my bed. I panicked I didn’t know what to do. It felt weird, and exciting at the same time. And today I listened to Orobas enn on Youtube while meditating I see visions of a horse.

I wonder if that was Orobas trying to connect with me… I hope it’s him. :slight_smile: