I think I saw Jesus as a kid

When i was younger i saw loads of supernatural things and even had visions. Like once i was walking in line to the cafe and everything around me turned to Egypt. Random things happened to me so much as a kid. But I also really belevied in god and i was a church one day and the whole church went outside to pry bc i think it was ester or something and while everyone was prying i opened my eyes and saw a guy hanging on the cross he was kindaa see threw and stuff. Also when i got older my visions stopped, does anyone know why?

That actully helps. Thank you

Like @Heaven said, a child’s vision is much stronger at such a young age. From being new to the world around you your mind isnt completely pounded with misconceptions and what not right away.

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Kids vibrate quicker, but their vibration slows as they get older. I really believe, but obviously can’t prove this! My younger brother and I saw all sorts of stuff. Haunted house. As we got older, it stopped.