I think i just mastered a new kind of magick I have been researching

locator scrying magic im very excted i mean i had help of master furfur but its still something
now i can help locate things anyone else wanna try
well give me time im not trying to die of drained energy but im accepting request just to test this out a bit more

added note: maybe not at this very moment i feel like imma be sick i may have just used too much energy


Meee :innocent::innocent:

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Ok I got it. I haven’t lost anything but here goes. Can you locate where I am right now in my house. Also see what’s around me :heart:

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We’ll see😘

This would be an interesting confirmation of powers.


well it dont work like that but furfur said your in your bed room he also said you where in your living room


Grrrr furfur no fair. Ok where are my glasses.


locator magi is like if you pet or something is missing outside of the house hold you can locate smaller objects inside the house with a lay out of your house


they are in your living room

Wrong lol. :heart::kissing_heart:

ok Ill try again unless you have a glass in your living room it kinda counts lol

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No it doesn’t :joy::joy:

it so does lmao

im still working on smaller objects

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I’ve lost my sorcerer’s wand which i had processed according to the guidelines from Kurtis Joseph.
It’s an Ahrimanian Wand, completely black, made from Lightning burned Wood.
I know that i’ve lost it when i went to a club inside the local District of my town.
I’ve lately thinking about missing it / wanting it back,
so i take this as a coincidence.
If you need any further details, i’ll try to help as far as i can get.

However, i don’t just need the position,
but also if someone else has accessed it’s power / used it.
Since it’s a potent tool,
and back then i kind of assumed it might have left me after it’s creation to be used by someone else.

However, that’s just my mind considering alternative routes it may have taken.


If you really developed that skill,
It’d be interesting for me to get your help,
in retrieving it.




deja vu huh… c’est la vie

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why you say that

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