I Think Belial Wants Me to Work with Him, But I'm Kind of Terrified

I’ve been procrastinating working with Belial because I’ve heard so many stories of him tearing apart someone’s life to test them or whatnot. Not sure if I’m ready for that level of intensity.

But he keeps popping up in mind, and when I tell him I don’t know if I’m ready yet, he just says, “You are ready.”

So, advice? What should I expect?


Everyone has their own histories. Some of them have their life apart, some have not.

Stop being terrified. Study a lot and after that, go to him. Tell him that you don’t wanna to be hurt in the process. That worked fine for me.

Belial powers are immense. Remember to be respectful. Put all your intents in your operations. Made your requests, but hear him too.

There you go. Your experience’s yours. No one can say what will happen or how it will happen, just go and make your entrance in his world.


In the end, these beings seem to benefit from helping us ascend. You can always ask for guidance and help through whatever you go through. Belial wouldn’t destroy you for the sake of it or without reason.


I understand and felt the same way. I found him to be standoffish until you got to know each other more. Just give him a call and see what happens. My life has not been torn apart, but I did not have a toxic life style. I feel that if I did he would have then destroyed it, if I asked him for help. Be specific in your requests , hear him out. You may feel hes poking your wounds but it’s only so you can heal them. You cant heal a wound that you don’t know is there. He enjoys random invocations such as when your in bed trying to sleep LOL. But I love that, the feeling and knowledge you get, the psychic abilities you aquire…the confidence. I am very glad I work with him and overcame my fear. Hail Belial. :heart::heart: good luck.



Today I was internally complaining about my job and how much I didn’t want to work.

All of a sudden I heard this voice loud and clear, “So don’t.”

:open_mouth: :open_mouth:

It was Belial. We had a pretty intense conversation. He really, really doesn’t like any kind of authority. He sees it as “enslavement” (his words).

I haven’t even evoked him yet. Guess I’ll need to soon. But he broke the ice at least. :smiley:


Yes having him around, I have began thinking of most things as enslavement including my own negative thoughts/societal programming.


Do it, I just invoked him today. His energy is powerful and can honestly be downright terrifying. He has put me through alot of tests but has made me a much more confident magician in the process. You’re lucky you can hear him already. I’ve only heard him in a dream, but I can feel his energy.


I invoked him today for the 3rd or 4th time. The amount of power I had flowing through my body was incredible. He has helped immensely with my confidence


I’ve been working with him on a long term goal since July of this year. My life has not been torn apart in that amount of time. I have become a lot more confident (maybe a little on the aggressive side) and I owe it all to him.

If he thinks you’re ready, then you’re ready.