I summoned belial and saw his face

My question about this is i have no circle no triangle and im outside with no incense no base of manifestation how would i proceed without the circle triangle or incense for the spirit to manifest do i proceed without these tools yet draw the sigil on paper and proceed to call a demon to materialize?


Since this has to do with belial i successfully evoked him and while i was in the theta gamma sync i saw spectral traces on the wall in front of me of belial i asked him to show his.face to me as a sign of his agreement of a pact of possession the images i saw of belial are exactly like the images i saw here https://youtu.be/84I3vOUfpgg

So therefore since being directed by azazel to consult belial and having an overwhelming need for a pact with him this is what i did. It was the first time i saw a demons face while in the theta gamma sync in my lifetime no incense no coals no triangles or circles just myself


Lord Belial has platinum blonde hairs…

I’ve been working on my clairvoyance, and I already have seen a prediction! I predict…you will receive a ban for…wait…the vision is a bit blurry…oh now I see it:

“Preaching dogma and ‘my way is the only way’ type of mentality.”

Hm, let’s see if it will come true.


wew lad

woah lass

Howdy Mads.

Each person and manifestation is different


Yeah, @CaptainHowdy - most of us on here are aware of JoS and hold them in varying degrees of esteem, but we HAVE has a problem with members, or imposters, coming on here preaching their perception as the ONLY way - in a manner only otherwise found amonst the Abrahamic faiths, funny enough!

Believe what you wish, many people on this forum have strong beliefs about certain things, but posting them as a definitive answer in threads is no more permitted than going round stating “Jesus is lord, repent now and receive His blessings” - and if you’re about to argue that your way IS the only Truth, well, then, you’ll see why it’s an issue. :thumbsup:

Please keep posts to personal experiences only, and remember that this forum is predicated on personal ascent and personal experiences, not being told what’s what by anyone who thinks they possess the full truth about whatever. :thinking:

@Godmagus - if you saw him, any chance of a description or sketch? :frowning:

I obliged here previously with an attempt at portraying how he manifests to me:


Yeah, or gifs of your love life, too, I guess… but not in this thread thanks. :thumbsup:


He manifested in the wall as a dark mangled figure such a scary looking face with a grin that is similar to the “demon imps” in the movie constantine. Possibly to see if i would scare i did not hesitate and sttod with omnipotence without fear and looked upon his face. Not at all like the picture you showed however i am more for the macrabre and truest forms of the demon lords i did leave a link to a youtube video that shows belial manifesting in smoke they are picture stills. I did not see a face that would be considered pleasant by any means of the word. And i have called on belial and he is working in my life presently.i did task him with another for in exchange i would allow him to possess my aura which is acceptable to me for the moment. However i do have a pact with azazel as well. As i asked them both to possess me it was almost instant and i looked upon azazels throne and belials area in the infernal empire.

So. Dark mangled and skin almost like that of a corpse or an “imp” if you would imagine i only saw his face as i asked him to show just his face


Grin or sneer? It’s always on his face when i’ve evoked him. He looks different depending on if i’m indoors or out, inside he’s very similar to what your describing, a very aged human male (more or less) with grey skin, the emperor from star wars was the first thing that came to my mind when i saw him. If i’m outside he always shows himself as a satyr with grey skin as well, (He seens more jovial to be outside as well, still looks like he’s thinking about torturing and eating someone but what are you going to do.)

Very interesting post, please keep us updated and i hope you have much success with your workings with him. :smiling_imp:


My desires have not manifested with belial i am discouraged i do not know how to make them manifest faster and more efficiently im discouraged i jave tried everything from blind evocation to different methods with little results

Ask him!!

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I shall

More of a sneer i have been doing the alienitic words “alash tad al-ash tal ashtu” for the last few nights consectuively so that is helping with the first part of rapture. I find myself having blackouts due to belials possesions and azazels as well