I summoned Azazel

So, at the behest of @DemonMonk, and a few omens on the site last night, I evoked Azazel this morning to inquire about my relationships with angels and if they were harming me.

I woke up at 2:30 AM and wrote down his sigil on a spare piece of paper and got ready a candle and my lighter, then at 2:55 AM I sat in a comfortable position lit the candle and placed it on the sigil and prepared to open the sigil. It began to look to me as if the light of the candle was surrounding solely the sigil of Azazel, and I felt that it had opened. I looked up from the sigil and saw a dirty blonde haired man with a scruffy beard wearing a suit.

Me: I was expecting something a bit more demon-y.

Azazel: I wanted to be ready for our date.

Me: I guess I should cut to the chase then, there’s this guy on BALG who was warning about angels and there were a whole bunch of omens that I should summon a demon, and so here we are. What is your opinion on my work with angels?

Azazel: All entities, myself included, have ulterior motives. As long as you feel that your goals align, there’s no problem in a little manipulation here and there at the hands of your spirit mentors. Though, you really should be working with your ancestral pantheon, and not with either of us.

Me: The slavic pantheon (Author’s note: My father’s side of the family is from Russia and is descended from Russia for a very long time).

Azazel: Yes, it is strong in your blood. I can hear it calling out to you.

Me: Thank you for this advice, I will take it to heart.

Azazel: Is there anything else? Or did you only call me to confirm some rumors.

Me: I’d like you to help me on my ascent.

Azazel: I think that can be arranged. Now, farewell, don’t forget about your Slavic blood, and leaves us Jewish myths to the Jews.

Today, I’m doing an in depth research into the Slavic pantheon and culture. It’s something that I’ve attempted before, but it didn’t go anywhere. I know this time will be different.