I spoke in 2 voices tonight

This evening I decided to call upon King Paimon for the first time. I never really was drawn to him but I have a working that needs to be done for a customer and I felt very pulled in his direction this time. I did the evocation in my temple and he came on a black horse. We spoke for a bit and I wrote down a few things. Then I said to him that I felt he could work with Belial on this, so I summoned Belial.

So I am in my trance. Receiving info. But maybe some of you know that feeling you get when you are talking to them, but out of no where a jolt of, or a soothing feeling comes over your entire body. And at that moment the info comes in clear and precise, and you KNOW this is not your mind creating info. As if they plugged you into something.

I felt a surge of energy take over my body head to toe, and I began to speak out loud. It started with
"We are not your kings"… i spoke and rambled for about 3 minutes, both Paimon and Belial sending me the message through myself, but the crazy part is, there were 2 voices coming from my mouth! Has this ever happened to any one? 2 voices. Two sets of vocal cords being used at the same time. 2 demons.


King Paimon is the first ancient God i worked with. He answered my request even before i could hear him or perceive his energy.
At the time, i worked for a particular boss who had a penchant for using people and dismissing them off when he feels you have served your purpose in the company.I had a contract for 6 months with him to do specific duties and achieve specific goals which i faithfully carried out.
When the time came to pay me for my work, he paid only 1/4th of what i was to earn, and came up with excuses.
I was very angry to say the least, and so i evoked King Paimon, because he has the power to influence people and cause them to change their minds in favour of the magician.
And so in a simple ritual, made an offering of simple juice to him, as i was dead broke at the time. ( i came to find out that with the ancient Gods, your intention ,sincerity and trust in them matters more than expensive paraphernalia. Of course if you can afford to give a good and expensive offering why not?)
I specifically told King Paimon that i needed this ex-boss of mine to pay me the money owed me as i needed it for rent and other things.
5 hours later, my boss calls me and tells me, " i have thought about you and i know you need the money. I will pay you what i owe you. Send me your bank account"

This was my very first experience at evoking an ancient God and asking for help for a specific purpose and having it answered. I have gone on to work with the great King Paimon ( i prefer to call him Lord Paimon) on many things and he has been of help to me.

Hail King Paimon


Great Story. My first was Belial and he worked very swiftly as well. I look forward to working with Paimon and learning more about him. Lol he gets a ton of credit on this forum.

I had that experience my first time channeling Lucifer. I recorded it on my phone and didn’t notice it till I played it back. There was my voice and over top of it was a raspy whispering kind of voice. Being new to the occult at the time I was freaked out but at the same time I was so excited to have a verifiable manifestation like that. I played it for my friend to make sure I wasn’t just reaching for something to be there. He heard it just as I did. Really cool man I’ve never been very close with King Paimon but he comes highly recommended on here.


Lmao that shit is so strange to hear 2 voices coming from your mouth.