I see someone but he's showing part of himself and wears current clothes

I’ve been seeing this person for at least a week. Not really seeing him. Like expecting him. But I’m new to demons, angels and the like so I have no clue who he s supposed to be. And I don’t see all of him. Just from the neck to about his knees. But he’s in like a blue sweatshirt and jeans. Not skinny but not fat. And I think he’s African American.

He doesn’t seem to want to hurt me. He’s in the corner of the living room (close to the front door) of where I am staying until next week. He only seems to be there at night. The only one I’ve attempted to summon so far is Salas’ ash and he’s brought me a few (literally $5-$10) dollars here and there. I kept my promise and thanked him publicly here.

Does anyone have a clue who this is? He’s not an ancestor.


Not sure who this could be. Maybe try asking him the next time he comes around.


I think I will wait until I leave here and see if he’s attached to this place or not. I can take it from there.

I guess I will have to get used to talking to spirits and demons, right? Thanks.


I have no clue who it is. I didn’t see him for the couple of days before I left there.

My one dog saw someone in the place I’ve lived for years, but I never knew who it was. Since my return, my other dog sees him/her. I don’t know who it is, but I know they aren’t there to hurt me or anyone else.

Is it a ghost? Particularly if they’ve died near the door, in that room.


Reminds me of a painting I saw of Damballah. But I’m not sure.
I’m not a Vodoun practitioner though, so I wouldn’t know where to begin if it is.

Maybe someone who lived there before practiced Voodoo and you’re just receptive to the energy?