I relieved my baby's pain using MAGICK

My nine month old daughter was in agony with her teething, she was crying for hours on end, i used teething rings etc.

I literally did everything I could, but it wasn’t working when I looked into my daughters eyes I had a slight connection were I felt helpless as if I could feel her pain.

I had to do something.

( now bare in mind thus wasn’t normal pain, it was terrible for her, I didn’t use any bad magick on her at all, or use any spirits )

I held her and looked in her eyes and visualised a greyish energy in her gums, I placed my left hand above her face.

Then I visualised my pores in my hands open like hundreds of minor chakras, then I opened my palm chakra.

I fell into a trance while staring into my daughters beautiful eyes, as I stared into her eyes it was as if me and her were one person.

I quietly said " Alash tad alash Tal ashtu " and began to filter this greyish energy out of her and into me.

I felt the energy moving up my left arm, i actually felt this pain, then I placed my right hand on the ground filtering the pain into the earth.

I then visualised as I breathed out white light I directed it into her mouth as programmed healing energy.

Kind of like a spiritual plaster if you will, then I looked into her eyes and said " by my power sleep my darling ".

Her arms went out to her sides like her body formed a cross, then her eyes went shut and she sighed in relief then I placed her in bed.

Let me know what you guys think I never really healed anyone and I just followed intuition.


Best way to do it, you’re an awesome dad! :thumbsup: :sparkling_heart:

Don’t let anything try to bog you down in conditionality and systems, keep it pure - this is the kind of thing that is our birthright. :wink:


Thanks Eva means a lot.


This is awesome! I wish I had thought of this for my baby girl. :blush: It’s amazing to see the power of pure raw magic when we’re healing and protecting our babies.


Indeed it is @azav.


Aww your a good dad. My son is a year. Oh gods teething is terrible. I’m blessed my son didnt have teething too bad but he’s still got more teeth coming in but i’ll have to try that if he’s in pain again.

What I have done is when my son is having trouble sleeping force energy into my voice and sing him to sleep. He is very stubborn sometimes he’ll be tired but keep himself awake to play. Or we will be out and doesnt want to nap