I recently summoned Sitri for something,but I´m unsure now if it worked

I used the Demons of Magick´s first ritual.
I wanted the target to feel a desire for me similar to how some girls fall in love and get crazy about a guy.
So I wrote that someone would feel a burning passion for me.
I did the ritual,the only imperfect things that happened were that someone arrived at my house during it,but I kept doing the ritual anyway.I also forgot to burn the letter and only burned it after the License to depart.
After 3 days I contacted the target,we talked a bit and I got the cellphone number.I did what I said I would do I spoke of Sitri´s deeds.
The next day I sent a message to that person in the Whatsapp and got no response.

So,I´m uncertain about whether or not it worked.Maybe it did work but this wasn´t the effect I needed.

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Just thought I would move this over to it’s proper section. Since it’s about Sitri + lust/passion.

Ah,ok.Since I’m not sure if it worked,I thought it would be related to rituals discussion itself,and thus,general

Yes, but the theme is about lust I assume or a lust/love spell/ritual/etc. That’s where those go.

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Why don’t you do another evocation and ask him what’s going on?

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Sitri is a perfect ally for Sex but not very emotional, more on a flesh level. Perfect for one night stands or Sex friendships. If you liked that person with sentiments probably you should work with other spirit