I Received My Universal Circle Here's What Fasto's Had To Say About The Script

So I received the universal circle, it’s worth the money it’s great.
However I was curious, I know the translation of the script however I wanted a deeper understanding of it.

So I evoked Fasto’s here is what happened.

Me - “Fasto’s I have called you to give me insight into the meaning of the scripture of this circle”.

Fasto’s - “I shall decode each verse, GIVE A OFFERING TO HIS HOUSE TO DEVOUR”.

Fasto’s - “You are the offering, you are the sacrifice, you’re time, you’re devotion to the path.
The house is a structure you are the house, the temple of flesh. You will be devoured, for the sake of you’re continuous growth, each incarnation, each rite devours you’re self limitation and weakness”.

Me - “What about the next part, FOR THE EYE, THE HOUSE IS WITH SAMMAEL”.

Fasto’s - “You are the eye, in these ancient sciences, the eye is the perception for when you summon me, you do not command me to appear.
You command the universe to facilitate my coming you are the observer.
You are the temple and the eye, the house and the eye is with Sammael.
Sammael is destruction, in this circle you are destroyed and rise from the ashes as a living God within the realms beyond”.

Me - “Fasto’s what about the last part, 700 YEARS TO BIND THE NAME OF GOD IN CHAINS”.

Fasto’s “700 years is symbolic it is the number of the divine, for you are the eternal and the divine within the circle, to bind the name of God in chains means. This circle aligns you’re atman you’re eternal omnipotent, omniscient, omnipresent godself into yourself.
A temporary full anti-transmigration of the soul, through all realms to be chained which is symbolic of being housed in the body of a man.
Giving life to the godman, the living God, within this circle”.

Hmmm interesting :thinking:.





I love my UC and have used it for years. It’s the only thing I was worried about when my house caught fire lol


This is excellent. I got mine this week (after a month long waiting process). I’m still a newbie. Astral senses not fully developed. Did a pentagram meditation (from the Mastering evocation course) and was able to physically see blue energy coming out of the inverted pentagram and into my Ajna. It looked like smoke from incense. I was amazed (still am). I even tried shifting my focus about to see if its in my head or not, and to my surprise it maintained its visual appearance. Yes the UC is amazing. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for me with it!.