I REALLY need help... i think my best friend is possessed

um… Just ive known my best friend for so long. So could someone please help me. please. The thing takes form as a shadow being. And when my friend is close to it, it can change his emotions. and it makes nosies. My friend has depression. And hes seen the thing for soooooo long. Can someone please tell me how i can help my friend

This can be typical of shadow people encounters, but isn’t exclusive to them and doesn’t mean they’re possessed.

Do you know if it’s an actual shadow person or an entity simply trying to look like one?

What have you done so far to get rid of it?


i cant do much bc i just really dont know what to do and i cant get to him

Well, there are several strategies that are typically used. One is to banish the area. Another is to cut off the food source (dark emotions, strife, stress) by replacing it with lesser emotions and, eventually, by light, laughter, etc… A third is to petition a Deity to intervene.

Since you’re not there, you can either try to do this on their behalf or work with them to find ways to implement those strategies. One thing to remember is that until the food source is cut off, they’re not inclined to leave.