I officially do not like disrespected Azazel

I officially do not not a house with its cloak in the walls the disrespected so much azazel name basically erase evry human ever

What? So did you disrespect him or others or is he the one being disrespectful?


The movie

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What movie??

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There is a movie about Lord Azazel?
If there is, ya it might get disrespectful because of the abrahamic religion belive.
They always make all spirits look like they are bad

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From the sounds of it not a very good one. Unfortunate but not surprising when you think of any form of entertainment they always disrespect the LHP.


“The house with a clock in its walls” is a movie with Jack Black (I think this is what OP is talking about) it’s a fantasy magic movie that I haven’t seen yet and is catered to a younger audience.


Oh. Well that makes sense. Thank you @Huginn you have brought clarity to my confusion.


I checked out that movie it doesn’t mention Azazel or any demon whatsoever.

So OP, what do you mean when you say it disrespects Azazel?

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Watch the movie to figure it out

Why not just tell me?

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In the movie azazel gives the villain plans to kill everyone on this earth except him

That is not Azazel’s mentality for sure :open_mouth:

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Does the movie differ from the 12 books? 1973 originally.

Lots of reviews, but I’ve read it deviates from the books and is totally the wrong tone.

I don’t know never read them

Lol, this…

I guess this is the reason for the clock

In the retelling, Jonathan and Isaac were partners in a magic show, before the latter went off to fight in World War II and, sick with the horrors of what he’d seen, strikes a deal with the demon Azazel to end humanity by rewinding time itself.

From this site (a very thorough explanation)

So a magical clock created with the help of Azazel to rewind time? How is Azazel depicted? I imagine supernatural depicted him far worse.

As someone who cuts open a hand couses someone extrem depression in exange for power

I vaguely recall reading the book in reading class in 5th grade. It was pretty good and I recall Issac Izard being this evil wizard and the house having a clock, but I sure don’t remember Azazel. I have no idea what the movie did to it though, maybe I will have to get it out of the library and reread it.