I need your help with formulating intents with chaos sigil method

Hi everyone.
I’d like to make some sigils to unlock and heal my subconscious.
I have severe social anxiety and i always see myself as ugly(even if people tell me the opposite) or ankward/strange(in this case it’s true, i’m always bad mood and rarely talk, i may appear angry or dangerous).
I was thinking to use some Spare’s style sigils to better my situation, which sentences should i use?
Past tense or present tense?
Is it better to create one sigil only or multiple ones for different aspects?


The general consensus is sigils should always be present tense, I believe.

I’d go with multiple.

So the goal here would be to work on mood, and speech.

Sigils for glamour


“I Am…” and “I Have…”

So you could state “I am confident in social situations” with the intent that people are comfortable around you.
“I have more confidence in myself” is another way of putting it.
“I have a healthy outlook and I always choose to find the positive outcome”


when i was working with chaos sigils,i was using always present for example im 260lbs ripped😄
Do you have read gom book for chaos magick,its pretty good.

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I’ve never heard about sigil shoaling and robofish, it makes so much sense.
Also not burning them but put them “working” on the background is better.
Thank you.

The page you linked is for love matter though… which is one of my objective of course, but how would you shoal sigils for social phobia and procrastination? Which statements?
Should i do only 1 shoal at a time? I’d like to unblock my subconcious and change multiple aspects of my life…
Like find a job, make new friends, become extroverted and confident, find sexual partners ecc…

I would actually take the stance that it’s better to do multiple as it would make it easier to let go.

Multiple/various points of focus as it were. 2 or 3 for starters? Give each one a theme

I don’t know.
How am i supposed to connect them?
Do the main themes need to be something material or specific? For examples, “Being happy” or “Being a sex god” are too vague?

Chaos Magic can help, but i feel in this case, some shadow work will help you even more. I did that myself by talking to my ego and found some disturbing truth about what I have endured. To detox ourselves is hard but psychology is the better tool. Hope this helps.

I feel like you’re overcomplicating this somehow.

This should actually be one of the simplest parts.

Half the beauty of shoaling is that it lets you divide up your intent into various and multiple statements.

They don’t really need to be that connected. Each of the individual sigils in the shoal are a facet of the overall goal.

Think of the shoal as the jewel, and each sigil is the facets. With the robofish as the setting… :ring:

For the social, anchor it with a robofish rooted in a guaranteed social interaction of some sort. Say, talking to a cashier, bank teller, etc, etc.

By themselves? Maybe…

But if you think of them as the top of a sigil pyramid, you can use the rest of the shoal to flesh out your vision of what those statements mean.

The robofish need to be set on a specific time frame?
If i set the intent like “I go buy cigarettes”, will that be an effective robofish and activates whenever i’ll buy cigattes?
Or should it be like “tomorrow i’ll go buy cigarettes”?



I think the usual method would be more like, “I bought cigarettes”.

You know you will, so it’s rooted in the idea of a guaranteed event that’s now in the past.

You’re overthinking it.

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Getting rid of overthinking is another priority as well as to get a job.

In the link you posted the author said: ‘I drink tea tomorrow.’ - Robofish. Make sure you actually drink tea the next day!

Just go with what feels right.

If I might be a little direct, I feel like your overthinking is based in some insecurity and lack of confidence.

Magic isn’t chemistry, it’s more like cooking. (Though Hollywood and various tropes make it look like it’s like chemistry.)

Also, keep in mind that it’s okay to fail. Just try again.

Don’t fixate on some notion of getting it PERFECT the first time.

If you gotta keep coming back to the drawing board, then keep going back to it.

Better a shot in the dark, than no shot at all

Is it possible to activate all of the sigils together or needs to be done one by one?

I think that’s going to come down to the individual that’s doing it.

To me, both are valid methods.

Use your intuition.

Questions are okay, but after a point it just starts to turn into handholding.

So, with all due respect: figure it out :blush: