I need your help dealing with a psychopath

Dear Balg,

I have been thinking a long time about this post. I met a guy in Asia, who gave me a feeling that he is a friend and business partner of mine and it ended with me getting totally bankrupt (had to loan money from friends and family also) and him even laughing why I was so stupid and naive to trust him. He threatened me with guys, who would take me into a black van and beat me up to further pay him. Blackmailing me, extorting money out of me, telling me my passport is blacklisted in immigration etc.
I stayed in a corrupt country in Asia. Now he is threatening me again with court and unconventional methods to get more money out of me in my home country. He owes me a 7digit USD amount of the scams, blackmailingand extortions he did to me. He only understands the hard way. His goal is just to drag me down further and further. To drain me energetically and threaten my health with the goal to get more money out of me.

I did curses but they didn’t come to fruitation. I appreciate any help from experienced magicians. Divination is appreciated about the whole situation and his current state of mind, body and soul.

My goal is to make it clear to him magically, that if he doesn’t pay the amount back he scammed, extorted and blackmailed out of me, he will die painfully.

I have to add he is into gambling and occasionally taking Coke and alcohol. More information over DM.

Thank you everyone


Angels of Wrath by Gordon Winterfield might be a good place to start.

The “Destroy with wrath” ritual is said to not only bring destructive forces on your target, but to make them aware that they are on the receiving end of an attack: “…your target will know that this is payment or revenge of some kind, imposed from elsewhere.”

There is also “Harm and destroy”, which finds and exploits your target’s weaknesses.

“Silence the powerful”, which “also works when you wish to silence somebody who does not ordinarily have power over you, but currently has power due to certain knowledge…”

There’s a few rituals in this book that seem they would be helpful here.

I’ve used one of the rituals from this book before and it took about three and a half months to come to fruition.

Hope this isn’t insulting your intellect but I strongly suggest you very much keep this to magickal methods and avoid threatening him with good old mundane words, that could come back to bite you.


Let try action first. He said your passport is blacklist,go see yourself if its true or not dont trust every word he says. Dont contact him just see yourself if you can travel by plane. Next if not possible see if you can get to an American base to see if you can gain assistance.USA tend to have a foot in different countries so it does not hurt to check.


I have 2 uncles on either side of my family that actively stole both of my inheritances. While this situation is more personal than dealing with someone you met as a business partner, I can definitely relate. I have casted successful curses against them using my rage and indignation relating to the theft. I imagine them living nice easy lives compared to my situation caused by them where I scrape around for cash just to buy my Occult books. The fact that both agitators in our situations actually deserve negative energy for affecting our lives this way greatly amplifies the working in my experience. Not only do they deserve it but the emotions used are genuine.

I would recommend something out of EA’s baneful magick book, it’s got alot of gems.


I would use a powerful love spell on him and a voodoo doll. This way, you can torture him and make him love you at the same time.
Then you tell him you will seep with him after he returned the money.
He needs to become so obsessed that he will be prepared to do anything.
When you have the money (I doubt he can give it all back though) you can break the love spell and go on by placing the voodoo doll in horrible situations.

I doubt another method (but a love spell) will work to get back some of your money.


You need to do daily workings with the most deadly demons so that you get a demonic aura. If you do lots of demonic workings your aura will get darker in time to an dark indigo and all kind of bane workings you choose to do will be more successfull: Lilith, Naamah, Belial, Beelzebub, Belphegor and dark Gods: Astarte, Arachne, Hecate… It acts as a natural protection too.


Glasya Labolas, a sour jar, and getting the fuck out of that country are your best bets.

Go find out if your passport is blacklisted for yourself. Travel to ANY country preferably. Get away from him and start over. Change your name. Apply for refugee status.

These countries come to mind when I try to read you: Canada, Colombia, or Sweden.


The feeling of weakness and helplessness, is not doing your magickal ability any solids.
He’s already proven entirely untrustworthy, so don’t believe anything he says.
My suggestion would be to channel the fear that he’s placed upon you into working curses upon him, that will bring faster and better results than attempting to simply curse under an obvious amount or mental/emotional/psychological strain. Use what comes natural and what’s in abundance.
I’m going to suppose that this guy is working under buddhist worship and prayer, but that is just a guess, though in that there is a great amount of collective energy, as well as from the fear he is causing you and probably others as well and likely part of the reason your spells didn’t work.
Generally speaking, people who spend their time preying on the fear of others, are themselves full of it, they just ignore it and/or project it outwardly on others because of their past experiences and denial of emotion. Not wanting to feel, so to speak, but that’s just one way of looking at it.
Self doubt, won’t help you, unless you use the doubt that has been placed upon you.
Likewise, you will likely not get the money back that you’ve given him, as a harsh lesson in foolishness.
More likely, your chances of eliminating the problems are better and regaining power over your life.
Also if you’re looking to cause him the most damage, I suggest the element of Air.
Call upon Pazuzu, he’ll get you the results. Go forth and conquer! :smiling_imp:


Or use the buddhist collective energy and call upon Guan Yu. Will also get you results.
Likewise, to send forth the hungry ghosts for vengeance, can be quite helpful too, I feel them in great number around this person you speak of. Though a word of caution, if you’re to use the hungry ghosts that surround him, those that surround you are given opening, it can however be offset, by the offering of raw meats.


Thank you for all the responses. I should say I’m in my home country and a lot he said recently is smokes and mirrors. I have a guy helping me in that case, he got into my life after I called andromalius. Until now it’s no breakthrough yet that got me money back. The countries where I should go are the countries I would like to go. Which one of the three is especially recommended? I’m safe here, thinking if I shoulf pursue the war to get it back or let it be and go?

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Whether you pursue or let it be and go considering you’ve already moved away, is entirely up to you.
If you’re happy with what you have and have achieved in that, I would suggest let it be and go, but that’s just my suggestion.
If you feel the conflict a necessity, then war away, however it doesn’t really sound or feel to me that you’re looking for warring, but rather finally peace from it.

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I wish you success cursing them. May they burn in Hell.


Would anyone have the confidence here and the track record to get it back through magical efforts? With Andromalius I moved forward on it but there isn’t money coming back yet physically.